How Travel Portal Developments Can Increase Your Travel Business

How Travel Portal Developments Can Increase Your Travel Business

“A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us.” – John Steinbeck

For past centuries, travel has always meant a journey to search for new destinations, new landscapes, new cultures, new people, and sometimes even a new perspective by the traveler. No matter what, the travel and tourism industry is a very important part of all cultures across globe. Travel Industry is ever growing, is moving more and more online, and has reached new heights. The buzz word in this industry at present – for businesses of course – is a ‘Travel Web Portal.’ Thus, a Travel Web Portal Development Company is much in demand by Travel companies, so as to out-source these companies to develop B2B as well as B2C travel portals.

What Is A Travel Web Portal?

Previously, when people wanted to travel, they would go to booking offices and book tickets for their tour/travel. Now, everything has gone online, and a travel port is just that. A Travel Web Portal or simply a Travel Portal is software which gives the travel industry an online platform so that they can establish their business on the web. Thus it facilitates for B2B and B2C business online travel booking along with all the essential information relevant to it. Travel portal is integrated with API and is hence a one-stop shop of all travel services including booking of cars, bus, and airplane – domestic as well as international –  tickets; reserving hotels; etc. 

The Travel Web Portals is preferred by customers and even agents due to the convenience it provides of finding everything they need for their travel in one place and time, and that too all at their finger tips and at a few clicks.

Benefits Of Travel Portal Developments For Your Travel Business:

Surely as a Travel based business, you understand the basic benefits that Travel Web Portal can bring to your business. However getting software developed can be stretching your budget and you may be hesitating. At Techasoft as a Travel Web Portal Development Company, we believe that a Travel Portal is an investment which is going to increase your Travel Business and get you higher returns. Wondering how? Well, listed below are all the benefits of a Travel Portal to improve your business.

Get Your Bookings Online:

While as a travel business, you may have your websites online. Travel Portal gets you a conversion for your traffic by allowing for online bookings. It can be used to make payment policies, so as to attract customers to book with you. Thus, it can get you more online bookings thus increasing your sales.

Driving Mobile Traffic:

A Travel Portal is web based software, and thus can be accessed by customers even on through their smart phones. The convenience of being able to make all their travel bookings with a smart phone from a place of their comfort, or even when they are on the go will get you more customers. Thus you can drive in more mobile traffic.

Conversions Of Your Website Visitors:

You can auto create a number of discount promotions within your website with your Travel Web Portal solutions and then get them to land on your portal so that you can target and convert customers.

Data Access:

When customers visit your portal, and fill in their information for bookings, through your web portal you get real-time data access which you can make use further to reach out to your customers and even offer them personalized offers, etc based on the data collected about their demographics, interests, etc.

Improving Customer Relationship:

Your Travel Web Portal will let you know when the bookings are done, and also keep your customers/agents on the loop. Thus, you will be notified if a customer leaves your portal halfway through the process of booking with you. You can pursue these potential customers. Also, those customers who have booked with your web portal will receive notifications about their status of booking and when it is completed.

Integration With API:

Your Travel Web Portal allows for integration with your API. API enables interaction of all your devices, programs, applications so that it facilitates a smooth streamline of your business with connectivity and data exchange too. Thus, your Web Portal will be integrated with your reservation desk, your inventory, your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, etc. Thus, you can send customized quotes, invoices to your customers, even offer discounts to them, all while keeping a hold of your inventory.

Customer Satisfaction:

The convenience of being able to do all travel related bookings all at one place with a few clicks on the computer, or on the smart phone and the easy-to-use interface of your Web Portal will get you more satisfied customers too.

Thus, Having your Travel Portal developed for your Travel Business will get your business on the online platform, get more traffic give you easy data access, help you streamline all your business programs, etc. all creating satisfied customers as well as you. Now that you know how good of an investment getting a Travel Portal Developed is, What are you waiting for?

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