PHP Or WordPress Which Is Better For Your Website And Why

PHP Or WordPress Which Is Better For Your Website And Why

In the digital age, most businesses use the website to represent their business in the online medium. The main goal of every website is to convert visitors into valuable leads. A common internet user can find the difference between a good and a bad website. It is a challenging task for a website owner to create an ideal website that is lean, scalable, and scores high on user-experience. For designing a website, most developers depend on WordPress or  PHP to create the website. Techasoft a famous Website Development Company has created this article to provide proper guidance in choosing the perfect platform for software development.  In this article, we are going to see in brief about the Difference between WordPress and PHP websites

Even though there are no striking dissimilarities between WordPress and PHP, it is better to understand that WordPress is written using PHP as a scripting language. Both PHP and WordPress are open-source programming language. PHP programming language is used for making web applications. Your website is the identification of your business in the digital medium, hence it is mandatory to have a well-established website for your business.  Everyone chooses their app building platform based on their needs, knowledge, expertise, and budget. 


WordPress is a content management system(CMS). The main role of CMS is to create, design, and manage your content into the website. Most CMS has a prebuilt theme for your website and it let you enhance the functionality of its features using tools, plugins, and themes Most WordPress website pre-equipped with a visually appealing theme for your website. You can also buy premium plugins and themes to design unique web elements. The main reason behind WordPress’s sucess is that it can help you to build websites from scratch.

Even a beginner can easily build a WordPress website without nothing. Due to its user-friendly operations, most developer prefers WordPress or building websites. WordPress is a big platform, millions of users worldwide use it daily.  It is an entry-level industry CMS and it can be customized.


PHP is a Hypertext Preprocessor used to develop web applications and build a WordPress CMS. It is used to create web-based applications. Even a beginner with basic knowledge of coding can easily understand PHP. PHP is a framework that gives WordPress the power to function seamlessly. PHP has preferred over 240 million websites across the globe and it receives positive feedback from both users and experts. PHP provides better functionality so that you design your website with the exact shape you want. 

PHP vs WordPress Differences 


Plugins provide additional features to websites. In PHP, you have to hire someone who can assist you, or one has to develop it. WordPress offers more than 40,000 free plugins to select from. Using plugins, you can create easier, faster, and more exciting websites.


SEO is the best option to improve your site visibility in the online medium. Keywords are an important part of SEO, it allows you to get a good ranking in the search engine. In the WordPress website, SEO plays a crucial role and it creates a good impact on the blogs for your business. In PHP, the SEO results will depend on the techniques you use on your website.

Email List

Including an email list is a necessary part of starting a business. In the WordPress website, it is very easy to set up an email list. Here you can use a newsletter plugin to seize your emails. Adding a mail list on the PHP website is not an easy task because involves some complex process.

Flexibility And Compatibility

PHP is well-known for its versatility and flexibility. It is compatible with all web platforms. Most developers use PHP to build cross-platform apps. Due to the dynamic nature of the website, we can easily make changes to the website without any issues. You can seamlessly integrate PHP with other programming languages such as XML, Javascript, and WML. on the contrary, WordPress provides a lot of options to its end-users but it has low on adaptability for specific requirements projects.

User Experience

User experience is important to factor for any website to operate seamlessly. The PHP is a low-level programming language and the UX  used here is very simple. On the other side, WordPress has an attractive GUI and it provides a rich user experience in the development phase.


Updates are the crucial factor that offers fixes to security threats. Updates enhance the stability of the application to streamline the experience. All these updates are crafted to make the user experience valuable. The WordPress developers provide regular updates related to features, bug fixes, security, and maintain roadmap. PHP framework does not roll out updates regularly. But it does not denote that it is less stable. PHP is an open-source language and the open community of this framework supports much of its updates.


The budget is the main concern for every website owner. Many of us think that WordPress is a cheaper option but it is not true. In WordPress, the core development is free but you have to pay for premium themes and plugins. Making your WordPress website can be costlier as well as cheaper based on your feature requirements. On the other hand, PHP can suit you better if you preplan your budget needs and requirements.

Website Type

If you are thinking about building a personal blog site or big E-commerce website? Maybe you want to develop a single-page website or a multi-layered website. If your website has too many complex features, it is better to go with PHP. You can take WordPress if your content is full of blogs and informative content.

Programming Knowledge

If you are an expert in a programming language, then you should choose the PHP framework as a medium of developing your website. If you are a beginner in a programming language, then you should take WordPress


Security is the main factor considered by website owners. There is a possibility that both the website can be easily hacked if you consider the precautions. If you miss out on some important points on a PHP website, then your website is under security threat. WordPress security is better compared to the PHP website in case of security because WordPress offers a variety of plug-ins to make your website secure.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience is an important factor to consider while building a website. WordPress provides a better customer experience compared to PHP.  PHP offers flexibility and the customer experience is solely depends upon a PHP programmer.


I hope this article about PHP vs WordPress gives you enough information regarding WordPress and PHP. WordPress is the best option for security purposes. WordPress allows you to install plugins from the web for extra protection. With the help of Custom WordPress Development Company, you can build a secured website. Websites are the digital addresses to your business to attract end-users with their product and services. If your business deals with complex operations, then you should hire a PHP Development Company to make your work easier. Both the options are best for building a website but you should consider the best one according to your needs. You should consider the best based on the nature of the website and the type of website that you will develop. If you are an expert in a programming language, then you should select PHP as it gives you the power to change even small things you wish for. WordPress is quite easy to learn while to learn PHP, you should have more knowledge of coding. If you’re thinking about a convenient option then WordPress is the perfect choice for you. Because, WordPress offers new images, templates, and some other advanced tools. Most programmers prefer WordPress for building the website due to its simple feature. Learning and understanding PHP is a time-consuming process, it may take weeks or months to complete the task based on the skill set of developers.

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