Practices That Make You a Good Programmer

Practices That Make You a Good Programmer

Programmers are in demand in these times than ever before and being a good programmer isn’t something in which you need to scratch your head or spend some mind though you need to be mindful that knows what to do and when. In this article you find a few practices that help you enhance your skills; that is these practices will help you polish your programming and definitely turn you into a better software developer.

1) Go in detail with the data structure: The first thing you should do as a programmer or as a software developer is to go into details with the data structures. Data Structures serve the same purpose like what the bricks serve for when building a house. In addition to this data structures even determine how fast and efficient programs solve problems.

According to the renowned scientist, Niklaus Wirth: Data Structures + Algorithms = Programs.

Now, how you study the data structures even matters. To get onto hold of every details you may follow a specific pattern as mentioned here-

a) Firstly, You need to get hold onto a good book which you find easy to understand and it must have the basics about how the data structures are formed and how they perform.

b) Secondly, ‘Re-inventing' data structures is the term. Start the data structures from scratch, that is list, queue etc. It works to serve two purposes – number one – it helps you to understand the very basic concept and next it polishes your skills.

c) Experiment with the data structures which you already have in hand provided by primary programming languages.

d)  Think before applying. Spend a bit of mind to select the most appropriate data structure for solving the problem before writing codes.

2) The next step would be of Algorithms but before that know how much you still have to know. Keep on the 'I know what I am doing attitude’. The successful programmers for example the software developers in Bangalore know that they once didn’t knew everything and gradually had to study more and research more. This attitude that ‘I can go on learning' helped them achieve the position where they stand now.

3) Algorithms are the most difficult topics in programming but you don’t have to start from scratch, all you need is to learn well how to use the already proven algorithms and for this you need to have good logical reasoning but in addition to that you should also have the taste of good mathematics. Taking into account the software developer in Bangalore know how to use the proven algorithms and that is why they stand out of the crowd.

4) Do a lot of assignments but not just as assignments – Working as a freelancer is one of the best ways to polish your coding skills and become a good software developer. But you need to keep in mind that you are not doing it only for the sake of projects but for learning. Working as a freelancer or working on coding assignments help you learn and also gives you some learning tools which make you more marketable and experienced for the next job.

5) For being a better programmer or software developer – ‘teach' and ‘be taught.’ Share your knowledge and learning as sharing knowledge with other developers for example the software developer in Bangalore is the best way to overcome all your flaws to stand out of the coders. The more you discuss – the more you know about coding, languages, the tips and tricks.

6) Never stop reading. Read books, codes, blogs, magazines just don’t stop. The more you read the more you know and the more it helps you be better as a developer. You can also get involved in so many other ways of learning even by giving unit tests.

There is no end to learning codes. The more you learn the better developer you become and also it’s time to bust the myth that you need to know a lot of languages to become a good developer. All you need to know is the basics and be polished in whichever language you know so that, that particular language becomes your domain.

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