Python vs JavaScript- Can Python Overtop JavaScript by next year?

Python vs JavaScript- Can Python Overtop JavaScript by next year?

JavaScript and Python are currently the most popular language that exist today and are the used by leading companies like Techasoft. Programmers refer to these two languages for building and developing a wide range of applications. This article deals with the topic that – will python be able to overtop Javascript by next year and to reach a conclusion on this particular topic first we need to get into the details of both JavaScript and Python as just drawing an interpretation on the basis of superficial information will be of no use. Javascript is the most commonly used language currently and has been dominating the systems for quite a long time now but this dominating rule of Javascript is being threatened by Python and Python Developing Company which is increasingly gaining popularity.

 Now for drawing the differences here we delve into the details:


It is a compiled programming language with the first-class functions. It is most well-known for scripting the web pages. It is so popular that even some non - browser environments also use it. It was released in the year 1995 and has been dominating ever since. There are even many developed and upgraded systems of javascript such as node.js and this upgraded version adds to the functionalities on the server side of applications. It is even estimated that currently 94.9 % of the websites use Javascript as the sole programming language.

Now you may wonder that why is JavaScript so popular among the programmers and developers and here are the reasons why:

1) JavaScript is a cross platform programming language. For instance developers can build both desktop apps and even mobile apps by using JavaScript along with the Facebook created React.

2) Javascript also applies multiple paradigms which range from OOP to procedural and this wide ranging allows the developers and programmers with the freedom to experiment according to their own will.

3) The community support of JavaScript is really enormous. A large number of people who actively back the continual use of JavaScript. This dynamic language would not have been proved to be so successful it is today with the support from these enthusiasts.

4) Taking into account the statistics of Stack overflow we come to know that a good amount of 69.8 % of the programmers have a solid relationship with Javascript leaving all the languages behind and whereas Python has been successful to engage 38.8 % of the users.


Released in 1991, by the Python Developing Company python is much younger when compared to JavaScript but we should not underestimate it’s power as a programming language. Companies with a lot of experiences like Techasoft are even shifting to Python as it is is a high – level and general-purpose language which is extensively used by the software developers and programmers to cover a wide angle if tasks such as: creating Machine Learning Algorithm, analyzing the data and also for building web applications.

The reasons for Python’s popularity are as follows:

1) This programming language is very easy to use and is uncomplicated. The main focus of this language is on the code readability and simplicity and this uncomplicated nature of python makes it the most go-to language of the new and upcoming developers.

2) November 2017, for the first time witnessed the increased interest in search of python overtopping JavaScript and since then it has maintained it’s lead. Currently, Python is the fastest growing programming language.

3) Python has a huge number of libraries and frameworks which makes it easy for the developers to design codes and it is even time saving.

4) We should not forget the strong community support received by Python. Python users can easily increase their knowledge and also many online resources promote Python.


We should be well aware that both JavaScript and Python are different and have some different purposes and is best in it’s domain but considering the growing popularity of Python as the programming language we may say that if this growth continues it will not take long for Python to defeat JavaScript and become the most popular programming language.

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