Saas vs. Custom E-Commerce Platforms: What’s Better For Startups?

Saas vs. Custom E-Commerce Platforms: What’s Better For Startups?

If you were thinking of starting an online business in the digital medium? Are you searching for the best eCommerce platform for startups to create a revolution in the E-Commerce market? There are many E-Commerce solutions available in the market due to the wide availability you may face difficulties in selecting the right tech stack for your project. Techasoft is the top E-Commerce Development Company in Bangalore specialize in providing services such as web development and designing, PHP development, app development, and more. In this article, we are going to see about Saas vs. Custom eCommerce Platforms: Which is a better platform for your startup?

The Two Primary Models Are:

  • Custom E-Commerce platform 
  • SaaS E-Commerce solutions 

SaaS E-Commerce Solutions 

It delivers the software to your business through the cloud in the readymade format and also you can start your business from the first day itself. There is no need to set up the website and the hosting is taken care of by the vendor. You need not put efforts and the simple thing you gave to do is uploading your products on the site to sell them instantly. The vendor charges a certain amount monthly for providing hosting, payment channels and you can start selling in your platform in the site instantly after delivery. The big examples of the SaaS-based E-Commerce platforms are Shopify, big-commerce, and much more. The advantages and disadvantages of Saas e-commerce platforms are

SaaS is suitable for small scale business and if your E-Commerce website has less than 2,000 products then SaaS software is the perfect choice for your business.

Setting up on the SaaS platform is not a complicated process and it consumes only less time.

It is very easy to maintain but it has only limited options.

There is a possibility of more error to occur at a later stage in the SaaS platform because it is not open source.

SaaS platform releases their update randomly which makes it mandatory for the user to keep it updated and if the user did not update it then it will result in incompatibility issues.

Some of the popular examples of e-commerce platforms are Big Commerce, Volusion, Shopify, and more.

Why Custom E-Commerce Platforms Are Better SaaS E-Commerce Solutions?

A custom E-commerce platform solution is the best E-commerce platform for small scale business and startup. If your business grows at a tremendous level you can scale the growth rate by using a custom E-Commerce platform solution. If you take SaaS, you can experience only limited features and there is no availability of customization. SaaS is a closed source and if you choose that then you have depended on the vendor for everything. If you want to get success in the business then you should function independently and using Custom E-Commerce platform solution, you can customize your e-commerce platform and you can select your own website host, developers, design, and special features according to your preferences.

To run a successful E-Commerce business you cannot afford to constrain yourself with Custom ECommerce Platforms advantages and disadvantages 

This method fits for large scale business and it is mainly used for that application which needs more flexibility. You can tailor the source code as per your preferences because custom E-commerce solution is open source.

You can construct your own customized website from scratch and also you can get help from top developers who can easily build complex codes to give your website a unique appearance without the need for any ready-made templates.

It consumes more amount of time than buying a readymade site.

This is a complicated work and it demands a lot of workforces specialized in complex codings which costs you more than you estimated.

You should retain the codes for your website and it will be more helpful in the near future.

You can add many products and also you can create any type of customized design as per your choice and preferences.

It offers flexibility in making features and designs as per your wish.

The top examples of this custom E-commerce platform are Flipkart, Magento, Woocommerce, and Open cart.


For Saas

If you are the new face to online business then going for SaaS is perfect is the best decision because you can understand some tactics and strategies behind building a website. you can buy a domain form hosting provider and you can start earning at an instant of time.

For Custom E-commerce

If you have a lot of principle amount and if you want o to achieve success in the long run then you can go for custom software solutions. Employ a consultant for a planning road map and use of the open-source software to create the site and hire a coder for developing specific features for your site.

Time Factor

For SaaS: you can save your lot of time and also you can start from the day of delivery.

For Custom E-Commerce: you require a minimum time span of three months to start earning and if you want some special additional features then it will take some more time.


For SaaS: you can expand the business to a large scale due to the limitation within the software and it provides minimal scalability 

Fro Custom E-commerce: it is fully scalable and you can even expand your business to a large scale due to their personalized structure.


For SaaS: There is a possibility of loss in income because there is a chance that your shared server may not perform well or it cannot handle heavy load results in crashed sites. You cannot provide discount, custom checks out, and no special festive discount.

For Custom E-Commerce: You can generate a higher profit due to their customized design and also robust server & data center handle the heavy load. You can include special features such as combo offers, customized check out, and special discounts.


You are starting the business in order to see benefits in the long run so we advise you to go for long term solutions and if you have only a limited amount of time then you can choose SaaS products. You can choose the one as per your preferences and requirements based on cost, time, use of special features, and the latest technologies.

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