Seeking To Attract Customers? Here’s Why Social Video Marketing Is The Answer

Seeking To Attract Customers? Here’s Why Social Video Marketing Is The Answer

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is essential to find unique ways to make your brand stand out in the crowd. Some marketers hop onto new marketing forums, while others leverage trending content formats such as videos. Although video marketing is not new, it remains one of the most effective content formats in the virtual sphere. It engages people outside of the written text, a perfect fit for audiences who don’t have time to skim through paragraphs of information.

With the spiking popularity of videos, the social media hubs also jumped on this bandwagon. Besides YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have integrated videos on their forums to attract more people. Hence, brands can utilize social video marketing to spread awareness and capture leads. Additionally, you can also use videos to share brand-related stories or inspire marketing-specific actions by creating demos and trials.

Apart from being a rich, visual medium, utilizing video marketing in your digital strategy has many benefits. Here we are highlighting six ways how social video marketing can attract customers and improve business profitability. 

1) Enhances Brand Identity 

As brand building and video marketing go hand-in-hand, creating impactful videos can enhance brand identity. It can spread awareness, capture the audience’s attention, and position your brand as an authority. However, for this, you have to think beyond promotional videos. Perhaps, you can host webinars and discuss niche-related topics in depth. Likewise, you can publish podcast to YouTube to maximize online reach and attract more viewership. After all, YouTube is the biggest search engine after Google.  

Moreover, with videos, you can also give audiences a close and firsthand look at your new product. You can create video scripts to build hype, draw attention, and raise brand awareness. Remember only to cover real-life uses of your product in the video and skip all the technicalities. 

2) Increases User Engagement 

Undeniably, video is the most convenient and flexible content format. In addition to being easily consumable, videos can be an excellent tool for learning. After all, people don’t have time to read comprehensive product descriptions in today’s bustling life. Hence, watching videos could be the perfect way to learn about brands’ products and services. Users can also follow along with step-by-step instructions to fully understand how to use a product, app, or equipment. 

In short, the more interactive your video is, the higher user engagement will be on the video. Here are a few ways to improve user engagement and attract customers. 

* Are your customers always asking questions? If so, answer questions in video format. You can address their concerns, post a follow-up, or clarify any ambiguous detail. It will make people feel a part of your video community. 

* Utilize live video streams as they are a great way to interact with audiences. You can see comments and reactions as you film the video, promoting direct communication. 

* Share videos on your social profiles in response to customers’ queries. For instance, if someone is having trouble assembling the product, post a video under their comment. 

3) Boosts Rankings on Search Engine

A few years back, Google included video content, infographics, and use of  illustrations as a ranking factor of a website. It means your website’s ranking potential will automatically increase if you have added a video. At the same time, having videos on the web page can improve your site’s dwell time. It is the time spent by visitors on the website. Increased user activity signals search engine bots that your webpage has valuable content, further boosting the rankings.

Besides Google, you have to optimize your videos on YouTube for SEO. You can craft appealing titles and descriptions to grab viewer’s attention. Likewise, create backlinks to your website so that potential customers can take the next step. Most importantly, add targeted keywords in the description to secure your website’s position on the search engine results page (SERP).

4) Builds Trust & Credibility 

Usually, marketers limit their video campaigns to promotions without acknowledging there is a lot more to it. The intimacy of video campaigns can build a foundation for your brand’s identity, mission, and goals. You can share your brand’s story and tell users how you came up with the business idea. Such stories might not highlight products and services but develop a connection with audiences. It positions you as a trustworthy and credible brand while attracting a huge chunk of the audience.

In addition, the videos can also include stories about customers and employees to make your brand relatable. You can also build trust by sharing customer testimonials on the website. When people see other customers recommending your brand, they are more likely to trust your business and make a purchase.

5) Encourages Social Shares

According to Wyzowl, 72% of the users agree that they will share a branded video if they find it entertaining. Hence, create videos to encourage social shares as they can attract more traffic to your website. Firstly, optimize for the auto-play feature on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Whenever the users scroll down to their newsfeeds, your video will start playing automatically on their screens. However, make sure to feature the brand message in the first few seconds to grab attention quickly.

Likewise, try to develop an emotional connection with the viewers. After all, the videos that appeal to users’ emotions can encourage people to share them with their friends and family. It also increases the possibility that people will click on your call to action. If you are running short of ideas, seek inspiration from Lewis, Google, or Volvo to create ads that pull on emotions. 

6) Attracts Mobile Users 

Today, more than 90% of the consumers watch videos on their mobile because people like watching videos on the go. As smartphone users are growing, the video audience will keep getting bigger. Hence, every brand should start capitalizing on this trend to attract more consumers. Besides conventional video demos and trials, you must offer a personal experience to mobile users. Perhaps, you can give mobile users more choices in the video content they choose to consume. Here are some tips to attract mobile users through social video marketing. 

* As millennials respond best to micro ads, keep the video length under 15 seconds. 

* Keep the video precise and short because the second video gets sloppy, the viewers will scroll down the feed.

* You have to pay attention to logos, colors, font, overall tone, and sound quality to make the video look visually appealing. These elements also keep the brand message consistent, establishing authority.

Final Words

Video marketing has been around for decades, but now, it is far more different. Social networking sites have made video content marketing more accessible to brands of all sizes and budgets. Thus, marketers can promote compelling and engaging video content to attract a broader, global audience. After all, the new-age customers engage with videos better since consuming video content is much easier.

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