Software Cost Estimate • How To Estimate A Cost Of Software

Software Cost Estimate • How To Estimate A Cost Of Software

For any new software project, it is important to know how much it will cost to develop and how long does it take to develop the final product. Normally clients want to know in advance when is the estimated cost of the project. There is hardly a fixed unified list that defines a cost for each case. A software cost estimate starts from 10k INR to 100k INR, or above, based on a lot of factors. To find the exact cost of software development is difficult even for the companies that have been operating for decades. The software development cost in India varies according to the features, complexity, and factors influencing the software. In this blog, we are going to see in detail software cost estimates, here you can find tips and that will help you deal with software development pricing.

So, what are the software development costs made of then?

Let see them step by step:

* Scope Of The Software

* Planning For The Software(Platform, UI/UX)

* Efforts Of The Development Team Put To delivery Of The Software In Time

* Infrastructure And Physical Resource Cost

* Software License Purchasing And Cloud-related costs

* Location Of The Development Team

Scope Of The Project: A big part of the software cost is based on the scope of the software. If your project requirements are more, then your cost of the software will be more.

Designing And Developing Software: The next step begins with wireframing and site development. Then the designer and developers start coding and design to transform the static webpage into working software.

Integration With Other Systems and migration of Existing Data: The software needs to be integrated with external systems to communicate amongst themselves. A huge portion of the time is spent in R&d to know API-data structures, protocols, user authentication, etc.

Testing and Deployment: A proper testing process throughout the development stage is essential. It is basically to make sure that bugs or broken links affect the quality of the software.

How To Estimate The Cost Of Software?

Let see in detail the factors that contribute to estimating software development cost.

Size Of Software: It plays an important role in estimating the cost of the software. It directly influences the development costs. If the software has a higher number of pages, the development cost will be more. A simple software has less than 20 feature pages, a medium-size software will range between 21-40, and anything more than 40 pages is complex.

Complexity: when you have more features to your software, the more complex it becomes. It also directly reflects in the software development rise. It also increases the amount of data analysis, design complexity, the complexity of data migration, third-party integration, and more.

Time: if your software development has a fixed deadline in your mind, your team will need to expend resources to accommodate your time constraints. Hence it will need more amount to arrange resources.

Budget: client budget is a constraint when thinking of estimating software development costs. Begin with making a list of all the features that you need in your app. Now categorize the features into two groups- primary and secondary. Talk with the software company to know your budget at the beginning of the project. Add all the features and if budget allows adding the secondary features. If not, include them in the next release.

InShoring Or Outsourcing: it plays an important role in estimating the cost of software development. Outsourcing your software development can reduce your costs by 40%. In the end, you will get final quality software with reduced costs.

Software development outsourcing can reduce your costs by 40%.

Tips To Eliminate Overshooting Costs In Estimates

* Generate most out of the learning phase. Discuss with the clients to know more about their needs and clear any doubts as early as possible.

* Go For The Right Team. hire a team with proven experience and look for any red flags that might come up.

* Make use of historical data obtained from previous projects.

* Break down the project into smaller chunks and write them into sticky notes.

* You can use cost estimation tools to create cost estimates.


Before you invest your penny in the project, be very clear on what your expectations are. Document your need so that it is easier for your software development company to understand and clarify. Software development costs in India vary according to the location of the software development team. Choose a company that is 100 percent honest and transparent.

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