Techasoft Achieves A Frictionless Integration Of NetSuite CRM

Techasoft Achieves A Frictionless Integration Of NetSuite CRM

Daniel Drew, a famous American Businessman in the 19th Century once said – “We want a marriage with our customers, not a relationship”. I am sure, you would agree – A customer and business relationship needs to be permanent rather than temporary. It goes beyond simply selling and satisfying the customer; it needs to go on till you know all about your customer, right from their name to their preferences and interests, when and what they last purchased from you, how many times have they purchased, and then predict how many future orders will come so that you stock accordingly, etc. Does it sound too daunting? It need not be. Getting a NetSuite CRM Integration for your business will do the work.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) is a responsive asset which brings in automated processes to replace manual ones. The name NetSuite dates back to 1998 and since then business have been relaying on it to enhance their performance. NetSuite CRM is well known by businesses for its CRM which includes customer service and support, report and analytics, marketing automation and effectiveness, sales force automation and performance management, flexible customization, partner relationship management, order management, etc. all within a single cloud CRM.

Why NetSuite CRM Integration?

Of all the CRM systems available, you may wonder why go for NetSuite CRM alone? So, to make things easy, let’s take a look at what all benefits NetSuite CRM provides your business and try to understand how it is going to help your business run seamlessly.

Ecommerce: NetSuite comes with an ecommerce solution and can create for you a single system which holds data records for customers, activities and transactions

Customer Service And Support: NetSuite CRM provides a 360-degree customer view, enabling communications, case submissions, tracking support cases, status tracking, along with online self-service.

Marketing Automation: NetSuite CRM automates the marketing campaigns as well as lead capture from events, direct mails, websites, search engines, etc. It enables up-sell marketing on the basis of the purchase patterns.

SalesForce Automation, Sales Forecasting And Order Management: NetSuite CRM enables real-time access to customer, prospects, and opportunities. It utilizes probability based forecasting to measure and manage the opportunities and provide a complete view to sales managers. It captures all the interactions and converts opportunities into quotes and sales orders.

Partner Relationship Management: If you have partners, NetSuite CRM enables them to register, track and manage their leads. It gives you the visibility into the sales forecasts of your partners; and also manages your joint marketing, leads, orders, commissions as well as sales pipelines.

Analytics: NetSuite CRM measures, monitors and analyses all the sales performance, customer service metrics, marketing benchmarks, etc. and based on it delivers the reports and analytics to the marketing, sales, as well as service teams.

Mobile Access: NetSuite CRM is accessable in the real-time on your mobile devices, which makes viewing all the data, managing all the activities, and submitting the sheets very easy.

Why Techasoft?

Techasoft is an IT company, providing holistic IT solutions to business. Our expertise lies in website development, application development, sever side development, along with digital marketing. We have solutions for all your IT needs and have served a foray of clients spread across varying sectors. We, at Techasoft, make it our business to make your business easy. We provide integration of Oracle’s NetSuite CRM within your business. What makes NetSuite CRM stand apart is its effectiveness in integrating with ecommerce, professional services automation PSA, enterprise resource planning ERP, etc. This makes sure that right from the planning and management of your resources, to your manufacturing, to the automated marketing and sales, to the customer service, i.e. each and every aspect of your business can be integrated by us. This will enable your business run on a clock work, and improve your sales, thereby increasing your revenue. With us, be assured that you will get good Return on Investment, along with all the support from our team to achieve that for your business. Our satisfied clients are a testimony to it. We look forward to working together with you!

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