The 20 Best URL Shortener Of 2023

The 20 Best URL Shortener Of 2023

The Google URL Shortener went the way of Google+ in March in the year 2019. It left the internet users everywhere searching for another good option. Fortunately, there seems to be no shortage of URL shorteners out there for the users to choose from. But now the main question is which are the best URL shorteners and does it really even matter which one you use for your long URL? So in this article, we will share why URL shorteners matter so much and close with a list of the 20 best URL shorteners that are available to fill the void left by Google.

What Is URL Shortener?

A URL shortener takes long URLs and turns them into simpler, shorter and easier to manage links. Some of the best URL shorteners offer other vari benefits too, such as custom URLs, UTM parameters link tracking as well as analytics.

Reasons why you Need a URL Shortener?

A right URL can have a significant impact on Search Engine Optimization strategy. However, that is not the only reason to use URL shorteners. Shorter URLs are also very likely to boost confidence in your audience. In addition to this, it can increase your clicks, and get more eyes on your imperative content. So now let us take a closer look at the five great ways in which you and your brand can benefit from a URL shortener. 

Is URL Shortener safe to use?

Absolutely yes, URL shorteners are safe but there are some security risks that come along with shortened URLs. This is because they are vulnerable to brute force attacks. Also, attackers can guess multiple shortened URLs and get into it. Moreover, visitors of the shortened URL do not really know where exactly they will be redirected by clicking a shortened URL. Hence it is important that they have to trust the sender of the URL and the sender should be authentic as well. In some small and big organizations, shortened URLs are blocked at the network gateways so this thing should be in mind. 

20 Best URL Shorteners

There are a myriad of URL shorteners to choose from, even without Google's URL shortener. So here are 20 of the best URL shorteners which will help you build customizable links that have analytics built right in the place. 

1. BLink

BLink is a tool that allows you to replace clunky URLs with short links which help get more clicks. This free URL shortener offers a feature to create campaigns as well as easy track performance with real-time click analysis and offers enterprise-grade compliance and control. 

2. Linkly

Linkly URL shortener is a tool that allows you to create simple, beautiful, and branded tracking links with smart redirects. It offers features such as Track the number of clicks, use your domain to create a custom URL shortener, etc. It also helps pull data from Link into Google Sheets and allows you to redirect and analyze 2000 clickers per month.

3. T2M

T2m is one of the best and affordable multi platforms for URL shortening as well as branded links management. You can explore some of the most advanced features which are available in the market. This custom link shortener offers features such as lingong access to URLs, one click social share, Printable QR code and much more. 

4. is yet another user-friendly URL shortener and link management platform that has branded URLs. It allows us to generate a QR code for each and every short link. You will get a feature of the preview mode as well as user protection in order to prevent suspicious links. This free custom link URL shortener provides a sortable list of shortened URLs.

5. Bitly

Bitly is a URL shortener tool which allows you to build as well as protect your brand using some of the most powerful short links. It helps you to create a seamless user experience and perform campaign management and analytics for your particular website.

6. TinyURL

TinyURL is a Free link shortener service which is used to make posting long URLs easier, and this may only be used for actual URLs. This URL changer tool provides a preview feature and also offers a toolbar button to shorten any URLs in no time. 

7. Clkim

Clkim is yet another URL shortening platform that helps you to increase your links click by offering meaningful short URLs. This is one of the best URL shorteners and it helps you to redirect users to localized destinations based on their geo location. Not only this, you can also use an automation tool that allows you to shorten your content.

8. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is an industry leading platform which is used to brand, track, as well as share short URLs. This free custom URL shortener tool provides features such as customized analytics, traffic routing and deep linking, etc. 


Tiny URL shortener website renders you to maximize each and every short link you want to share. This custom short link tool will help you to enhance your brand and increase your clicks. It can be used for conversion tracking with in-depth data. Not only this, it also allows you to Re-target Clocks on Your Branded Links.

10. ShortURL

ShortURL offers to reduce long links from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, etc. on the Internet. All you need to do is simply paste the long URL and then click the short URL button. You can also check the amount of clicks which your shortened URL has revived. This platform is also compatible with smartphones, tablets, as well as desktop computers. 

11. Yourls

Yourls is yet another small set of PHP scripts and it offers URL shortening service throughout the globe. YOURLS stands for Your URL Shortener. It offers handy bookmarklets with a view to shorten and share links. This free short link site also offers some great features like historical click reports, referrers tracking, visitors geo-location, etc. 


Bit. Do is a tool that shortens as well as personalized any link that you want. It is considered to be one of the best link shorteners. It allows you to share links inside email messages without breaking any particular line. This shortened link free tool allows you to track email marketing campaigns and short-short links with an instant messaging service. 

13. SmartURL

SmartURL is a tool which allows you to create a short link and it redirects by the country and the device. SmartURL shortener redirects the visitor to a country specific destination and establishes your custom alias well. Apart from this, it adds up a brief description of the context too. 

14. is a short link generator and if you look forward to using this tool, you just need to add your long URL and suffix. In this case, you just need to press the shorten button and then you can shorten multiple URLs with the help of this particular URL tool. 

15. ClickMeter

ClickMeter is yet another greatly preferred URL shortener tool that lets you monitor, compare, as well as optimize all the types of marketing links at one, single place. With the help of that, you can increase the conversion rate as well as target visitors to get the best conversion rates possible. Not only this, the URL shortener allows you to find broken links, click fraud, find blacklists, as well as latency and many more. 

16. URL shortener provides a feature to generate and share your links on the internet. Through this, you will get paid in case a person that is a visitor visits your short URLs. This tool is preferred by many as it allows you to place your links on all the social media handles including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The particular website also offers detailed statistics and that is given per link. 

17. TinyCC

Tinycc helps us to make simple and shareable short URLs and allows us to generate short links reports. It also helps us to install and manage SSL certificate for our shortening domain. We can also process multiple URLs in one-shot itself. 

18. MusicJet

MusicJet is a tool that allows us to create smart links for music marketing. This tool will enable us to create and manage single as well as multiple smart pages from our single dashboard. Through this, we will also get various music artist related short domains that we need. This custom link shortener for free tool also allows us to manage one or even more artist smart pages from our single dashboard itself. 

19. URL Shortener

A URL shortener is a google extension which is used to short your lengthy and complicated URLs. It is said to be one of the best URL shorteners which automatically copies URLs to the clipboard. Not only this, you can also generate QR code for your URL itself. 

20. PixelMe

PixelMe helps us to track and share our own branded short URLs directly from our browser. It also provides us a feature of building a custom audience from every URL and increases our CTR with the branded links.

How to use URL Shortener?

Now that you know the list of top URL Shortener Tools, we are sure you must be wondering how to use it. So here is how to use URL shortener tools. 

Step 1) Open a browser and visit any of the above-listed URL shortener websites that we have recommended. 

Step 2) Go to Free Trial and Sign Up for the free trial by providing your required details. 

Step 3) Once signed up, simply log in using your user id and password and open the page. 

Step 4) Now, go to the URL shortener section and paste the long URL which you want to shorten. 

Step 5) Choose any custom URL as you like if the option is available Or simply create one of your own. 

Step 6) Now click on the “Shorten” button to get the shortened link of the same long URL. 

Step 7) Finally, click on the “Copy” button in order to copy the shortened link to use it anywhere you want. 

We now hope that this article was useful to you. In case you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with us. We also provide URL shortener services and our list of recommended URL shortener tools has helped many. In case you are looking to get top class URL shortener services then we are just a call away. 

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