The Best Way To Track Your Keyword Rankings In 2022

The Best Way To Track Your Keyword Rankings In 2022

As the year 2021 approaches, SEO remains the top priority for marketers in doing their content marketing strategy. Advanced marketers keep their SEO plan and best practices in place by making the list of keywords, blogging, optimizing the website, planning their on-page and off-page SEO, etc. 

Want to get to page one on Google? Increase your leads and high-quality website visits through proper content marketing plans. To get the opportunity to get a high Google ranking, start applying SEO tricks, and start using keyword ranking tools and keyword trackers available online to help you know where your content stands in terms of SEO. It will definitely give you the best way to track your keyword rankings in 2022. Below, we’ve listed the best keyword research tools to help you crush the competition and the best tactics to help you win your SEO game.

The Best Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner

It is considered the most reliable keyword research tool because it gives you information straight from the source and provides free keyword ideas and a snapshot of monthly search volume for relevant keywords. You can also check out the competition with the help of this tool. This information is significant in finding keywords and targeting search terms with a higher search volume and low keyword difficulty.


With this, you can go deeper and dig out your list of keywords. Its keyword suggestions, search volume, autocomplete queries, and actual questions that people ask are commendable. On top of this, it provides the most accurate keyword difficulty rankings when compared to other keyword tools. Evaluate how much competition is out there and start focusing your efforts accordingly.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

This tool is the provider of detailed information for every keyword as well as a quick snapshot of first-page competition. You can see top questions, keyword ideas with the same terms and suggested keywords to rank for, and the data of how many users actually click through for the keyword.


This is another best keyword research tool that can easily check top seed keywords and their search volume. The standout feature that SEMrush’s keyword toolkit offers is its ability to display search volume that the competitors are already ranking for under their Competitive Research section.

The Keyword Magic Tool is also great at quickly providing a search volume check as well as all the other related metrics that you are looking for.


UberSuggest is Neil Patel’s free keyword research tool. It is beneficial for finding new keywords and long-tail variations. Along with that, it can also give you metrics such as monthly search volume, SEO competition, average CPC, and PPC competition. 

Unlike any other tools, UberSuggest can sort by suggestions, related questions, prepositions, and comparisons.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console can be a very helpful tool in doing advanced keyword research because it sheds valuable insights to help you get the right keywords for the right sites. You can use this tool by opening the Google Search Console and click “Search Analytics” under the “Search Traffic” option and track your keyword rankings easily.

Google Trends

This is a free tool by Google that greatly helps you to find new keywords and search trends. Here, you can discover the search interest for any particular query over time, in a particular sub-region or city. You can compare multiple terms at once and also quickly check whether a keyword is becoming increasingly popular.

Overall, Google Trends is a great tool for creating evergreen content since it gives those topics people are actually interested in now and for the longer term.

Tactics to improve SEO

In the coming new year, try and implement the following tactics to skyrocket your business.

  • To Track Metrics and Learn, Use Google Analytics Integrated Programs
  • Identify and Refresh Low-Performing Content/Pages and Replace Them with Insanely Useful New Content People Want to Read
  • Create Your Content Around a Primary Keyword and Relevant Secondary Keywords
  • Diversify Portfolio’s Related to Your Backlinks
  • To Target Google Featured Snippets, Use Proper Header Tags
  • Optimize Images, use Clean URLs, and Meta Descriptions
  • Create Mobile-Friendly Top-Performing Pages with Decrease Load Times

Final Verdict

Choose the best Keyword ranking tool that spits out revenue-generating keywords. Incorporate them into the pages to help you convert the most revenue potential. These tools are indeed doing their best to the TRILLIONS of searches every year, in choosing the right keywords to target. In this guide, we have listed the essential tools to conduct keyword research. The best keyword tracker will do the right keyword research to get the right keyword for your website.

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