The Latest Research For Web Designers 2022

The Latest Research For Web Designers 2022

Hello my dear present, former, and potential Web Designers and Non-web designers. If you are into Web-designing, you know how much work goes on in it. It includes the appearance of the website which is a combination of fonts, colors, and images; the layout of the website as in how the content is categorized and structured; and even the content. As a Web Designer, who wants to be at the top of the game, it thus becomes necessary that you are up to date with the latest trends in designing as well as with consumer preferences, the latest research, and overall what is happening in the Web designing industry. What we have today have today is the latest research, trends, and Tips for web designers.

Tips For Web Designers:

The year end of 2019 brought us COVID-19. Result? Many businesses have been slowed or are on a shut down with a complete stand still. On the other hand, people are found online more these days. Hence, businesses now are increasingly venturing online, creating more scopes for Web designers. This is good news for e-commerce website, the influx of people buying online will be on an increase, as people will be getting more used to buying things online.

More and more false news are becoming viral. People are finding it difficult to determine which news is true, which is false. The best way to get people more near the truth is you can emphasize on the author, and also provide the credentials of the author. You can also promote the sources which the content refers from, letting readers confirm their authenticity. This will enable the readers of your website know if they can believe in your content.

Also, the year 2019 saw increasing Security breaches, which continues on in 2020, as Web designers, data security is the factor which you need to consider while designing your website. Any prospective client’s you’ll be getting will expecting absolute digital security.

Many businesses have started to take SEO seriously. Other than content; the website being mobile friendly; the performance, speed, accessibility of the website, are all the aspects which need to be taken care of by web designers. Thus, businesses can get SEO benefits from a Web Design Company, for example our Techasoft.

Other than that, 2020 also has seen an increase in mobile, so much so that by the start of 2020, of all the web traffic, mobile phone users constitute more than 50%. The other half is constituted of desktop, laptop, tablet and other devices.

It is unavoidable that web designers need to design websites which can viewed well on both – mobiles as well as desktops, laptops. Thus, they can make use of any one of the below design method – (i) Responsive design method – In this, the content moves based on the screen size so that the final fit is befitting the device screen size. (ii) Adaptive design method – In this, the layout the content is rather fixed according to various layout sizes which are designed to match common screen sizes.

2020 Design Trends For Web Designers To Take Note Of:

The 2020 design trends which you as web designers should take into considerations while designing websites now includes some elements such as –

Immersive 3D Art: 3D illustrations, 3D graphics, even 3D typography are making websites more interesting, more engaging, more story like, and it can add a layer of depth to your site. As a web designer, you can play with immersive 3D elements giving your website a modern and sleek vibe.

Dark Mode: Since Google introduced Dark mode last year in YouTube, Chrome, etc, the noir has been trending in web designing today. They are easy on the eyes, making the designs and colours on it pop out, and are also power saving for OLED screens. So, make sure that your website supports dark mode so that readers viewing your websites can view it in dark mode on the browsers having built-in dark mode such as Google Chrome.

White Space: With increasing trends for minimalism, White space is a great option to bring a fresh and modern look to the website and draw the eye to the content and images, emphasizing them. Apple has really made you of white space. You can refer to their web designs.

Colour Trends: Designs with Gradients are on a rise. Web designers are moving away from use of bright colours and are trending in use of pastel shades and muted colors. However, contrarily bright colours are in for e-commerce websites

Micro Animations: Gone are the days of stock photos, animations and motion graphics are trending hot. They make your web sites more lively and fun. You may be wondering why micro animations and not animations? Optimizing and compressing of the images to improve the loading speed needs to be taken into consideration, hence.

Simple And Minimal Design: Minimalism has been on rise since few years and is still in trend. This shows us that people prefer it rather simple. And let’s get one thing straight, simple is not boring. It can be as colourful and as interesting and engaging. Just remember not to overcrowd and cut the unnecessary elements. The plus point, it will help improving your website speed too.

Typography: Large and outlined typography too is in trend.

That’s it guys, this were all our small insights into latest web relate researches, tips, trends. So, what are you waiting for? Just make use of all the above and get designing!

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