The Opportunities Of Integrating Apple Pay In Mobile Apps

The Opportunities Of Integrating Apple Pay In Mobile Apps

What do you think is an important aspect of your business’s Mobile App (iOS App to be specific) if you sell through it? Of course, it is your payment gateway! For your Mobile App, you need a payment gateway which is convenient, secure, and, very quick. You don’t want your customers to bounce back at the very last step, when you could have retained them with a simple extra step – Integrating Apple Pay into your Mobile App. If you are wondering why you need to do that or how to do that? Don’t worry, we are here to make things clear. So, as I always say, first things first, 

What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a type of Mobile wallet or Mobile pay i.e. a mode of a payment performed via an iOS device – namely iPhone (Note: the iPhone should be of Version 6 or any newer version), Mac OS, and Apple Watch. 

The Opportunities For Your Mobile App To Integrate Apple Pay

It is Convenient: Apple pay allows users to add on their debit, credit, and/or prepaid cards on to the Mobile Wallet. Thus, they can make payments instantly simply by using a passcode, touch ID, or even face ID to validate any purchase they are making. In short, it makes mobile payment easy, fast, and rather hassle-free.

Changing Lifestyle Of Users: People are increasingly using mobile phones, and they prefer to shop from home or even on the go. Research shows that users are buying and making payments when they are watching TV, having their meal, or even when they are cooking. Imagine you are baking something, and you realize that the table spoon of baking powder you used was the last, and you need to purchase more for the next time. What do you do? – Do you wait till you are done with your baking when the chances are that you forget about it? or Do you put the order immediately? What if you can easily make purchase the moment you find out you need it? Now you know why you need Apple Pay integrated into your Mobile App – its so that your customer can make their payment even when they are cooking with just a face ID!

It Is Secure: Apple Pay is a preferred option for iOS device users as it is completely secured. Security is an important factor for all who make online payment. There is fear of being hacked, or your bank details being exploited which you enter when making online payment. This may be keeping your users from making online payment, and take that last step. And if your users are not feeling secured enough, chances are that you lose your potential customers. So, you need to make sure to keep open a payment option for your iOS app which the users feel secured enouth. When a iOS user makes purchase on the internet or on an app, the payment information is transmitted and Apple Pay gets the encrypted transaction data. The information is then re-encrypted with the use of a key which is specific to the developer or the authorized service provider, which is then sent to the developer who can unlock it with the authorized key.

The Users Trust It: Stats show that in 2019, Apple pay was the market leader in mobile payment users with 30.3% users in USA, leaving behind even the Google Pay users as well as Samsung Pay users. These figures are telltale enough to know that mobile users are opting for Apple Pay. As I stated, Apple Pay is secure, and your users know it so. So, it is obvious that they prefer it and it is more trusted. Users prefer Apple Pay as compared to Mobile Pay and mobile apps of any brand. So, if you wish to leverage your mobile application for sales, you need to borrow from the apps which users trust. This means, integrating Apple Pay within your mobile Apps so that you get loyal users and your users find their convenience.

Now that you know why your iOS App needs Apple Pay integrated into it, lets get about figuring out how do you come about it.

How To Integrate Apple Pay In Mobile Apps:

There are a few basic steps for integration of Apple Pay which includes – 

  • Create a Merchant account
  • Set up Apple Pay configuration within your Xcode for the project
  • You need to go to iTunes Connect and create a sandbox user
  • Create a test card by making a test request
  • Make payment request for your project
  • Handle the final result

Remember that the above mentioned steps are just the basics, and the details involved within it are much more complicated. We suggest if you have skilled personnel deployed within your business, they can do the deal. Or you take help of a trusted and expert Mobile App Development Company to get your Mobile App geared up with Apple Pay,  The final call will be yours to make. And if doubtful, check us out at Techasoft, we have got experience and expertise in Application Development and Digital marketing.

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