Tips For Designing And Using Icons On Your Website

Tips For Designing And Using Icons On Your Website

The topic for this article is the tips for icon designing and using icons on your website, but before that let me provide you with a short introduction that how are icons useful in a website and also the reasons why they are of great importance in a website.


Who doesn’t likes icons in a website, the icons are the only asset to get overlooked some times. One should get this clear that pictures, images, fonts and other graphics are important in a website and icons are equally important. It is icons which can either make the interface or break it. It just depends on how they are used. The right icons add details to the page and provide a better user experience. Also understanding the roles the icons play on a website helps one to better understand the preparation of the website and also add clarity in the process of website preparation.


The main motive behind the creation of the icons was to simply everything on a website – from the interface usability to concept perception and also the designing process. It is only because of the icons that the users can simply scan through the boxes of text with the elegant icons attached and not read the huge piles of web content behind it.  Or the users can also navigate through the website with the help of tiny well – recognized icons. A modern website absolutely can’t go without icons, moreover the icons have their own trends to follow, which are a must for icon designing.

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Moving to the final part of the article, here I have mentioned some of the major tips so that you can design the icons better and also use them better, because sometimes even if you create the latest icons which are modern looking and trendy, even then it can all get messed up.  So creating a genuinely good icon is important as a good icon can be used everywhere for instance besides website, it can be used on apps, social media, business cards and even on small printed projects.

1) Think icon and not Image: Understand that an icon doesn’t means a picture in a box. It can have an image but with a text representation, or it can also be a logo mark, nevertheless it can be a combination of all the three. Prefer having more of graphic representation as usually an icon with graphic representation has more weight.

2) Restrict on Words: An icon already has less space so refrain from using words. The icon should be created in such a way that it does not need words to be identified. You can also use an easy to read letter create to a visual tie and connection - without words, for example the logo of Amazon of Flipkart.

3) Use Icon relevant to your Subject: Opting to fit something related to the subject in the icon of that particular subject is a better way to go. It helps the users to get an idea from the icon itself that what the content behind the icon is about. It also provides a more finished look for adding context for the users.

4) Think Unique: Think smart on how can you make your icon look different from others, think about a design which will make you stand out of the crowd. Sketch it and outline styles. This may even help you change your idea of what an icon looks like.

5) Go for the Vector Format: In this era of changing digital landscapes, go with the vector format for designing your icons as this will allow you the freedom to change the shape, size and scale of the icon.


Icon Designing isn’t easy but if you follow these tips, your icon is sure to stand out and fetch you the wanted results. You may also take help of Logo Designing Companies.

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