Top 10 Review Sites For More Customer And Business Reviews

Top 10 Review Sites For More Customer And Business Reviews

Business review sites are an important part of the customer buying journey today because customers will take decisions about a company simply by reading the best customer reviews. Managing your presence is called online reputation management and it is something you should apply on Customer review sites. Reputation management involves monitoring, identifying, and influencing your business’s credibility in the digital platform. If you want to get success in the long run, you need positive company reviews by customers.

What is a customer review?

A customer review is when a potential customer gives a review of a specific product, service, or brand in the online medium based on their first experience. It is a simple form of customer feedback and it usually involves some text, as well as a start rating of 1 to 5 stars. You can find online business listings, the site below mentioned go beyond listings and are the best places for customers to leave reviews. 

Best business review sites 2021

The below sites are the best places to start for your company and also you can use them to monitor your online presence, reach more customers online, and keep track of what your customers say exactly about you.

Google: Google My Business is one of the most popular tools for any business to manage their digital presence across Google. It is the best choice because a lot of consumers conduct multiple searches on it every day, hence there is more possibility of your business appearing at the top of SERPs listings. A business needs to verify their information to complete their Google My Business registration. Google My Business feeds business data on search, Maps, and other Google products, as a result, visitors can easily find your location from any device. If Google customer reviews pop up on the search, they increase your SEO efforts and they are important to build the credibility of all businesses.

Amazon: It lets consumers post reviews on E-commerce related transactions. Getting an average of 4 to 5-star reviews on this site can help businesses generate many potential sales and build the credibility of the brand. It is a famous go-to business review site for E-commerce products. This brand has been training its consumers to use its review system for a long time now. For businesses that do any amount of E-commerce, Amazon is the best source of information. It is a worthy site to keep in mind, especially for retailers because Amazon as a review website is more targeted. This site’s business review system was improved in 2015 to start weighing reviews so they are more helpful.

Facebook: It is a social networking site where users can open communication with friends and families. Here you can see business reviews for any type of business. Businesses can create business profiles that users can follow and also they can follow their favorite brands. If you don’t have a page on Facebook for your business, you need to create one as soon as possible. This site has more than 2.7 billion monthly active users. Facebook also provides you the widest variety of options and functionality. With the help of a Facebook page, you can easily communicate with anyone who wants to know more about your business. Here the customers can leave reviews and connect with you through messages.

Yelp: It is a business review website and app where users can publish reviews about local brands and businesses. You can see Yelp pages pop up frequently in internet searches. It is a popular customer review website. Also, it trains small businesses how to respond to business reviews and offers data about businesses including health inspection scores. It is an important platform to encourage customers to do business with you. A Yelp listing can help your brand to manage its online presence and reputation. Visitors who review business and write business reviews on Yelp are usually known as “yelpers.” Yelpers write business reviews to support others in the community to make purchasing decisions.

TripAdvisor: It is a leading travel website company where users can leave any business reviews of places they have visited so far. It is mainly focused on the airline, travel, hotel, and other entertainment industries. Here users can also book rooms, search flights, discover to do, and reserve tables at participating restaurants. It operates websites internationally in over 25 countries. Users can share reviews of hotels and other establishments connected to the travel industry. It is in every travel business’s hit list to claim its listing and generate reviews one of the best travel sites in existence. Vacation stories must also cover the gap between online and in person.

Better Business Bureau: It aims to help individuals find and recommend brands, businesses, and charities they can trust. It is the most famous consumer advocacy group in the world. It has a diverse group of users that are valuable to any brand. The BBB platform charges companies to join it, so you need to spend some extra money to be listed on the site. The BBS can’t tell you what you need to do as a business owner, but their recommendations and public reach can force you to make changes that the BBC would want to see. Getting listed on the BBB can help your business to reach a greater level.

Yellow Pages: It is the top business directory in the world, mostly because of its pre-internet publication. It is an online internet yellow page owned by YP. YP is a top local marketing solution provider that focuses on supporting local businesses. The Yellow Pages has the largest directory of business in the world and it covers up to millions of companies and thousands of industries. If you have already a listing on yellow pages, you will get worldwide exposure. This platform gets lots of searches every month, hence it is a better investment. It has a special feature called business review capabilities. Businesses can manage their reviews on the review site.

Manta: It is one of the top business review sites specifically dedicated to small businesses. If you are a business owner, you can claim and personalize your page to improve online visibility and marketability. It is an online directory service where registered users can leave star ratings and write reviews. It is the best alternative to Yelp, and the format of the site is almost identical. It also provides marketing packages so you can claim your business listing and promote your brand worldwide. The site helps startup and mid-sized companies connect and grow through their community where users can buy from, partner with, and connect with other companies.

Angie’s List: It is the best review site for service-related businesses that provides a user-based ranking. It is a paid review platform, it is known to be less filled with negative reviews from customers and spam. Angie’s list has different categories including pets, health, auto, and services. This website provides user-based rankings and reviews of service professionals in local areas. Members of this site can grade companies with the help of a report card scale from A-F on price, punctuality, responsiveness, professionalism, and quality.

Foursquare: This site is the best for reviews for any type of business, mostly for restaurants. It is a local search and discovery service mobile app and it lets users find new businesses through Foursquare business reviews. This site is a powerful force to monitor customer feedback and loyalty. Users can let friends and families know where they are and find out where their friends are. It has 55 million monthly active users. It is the best social media review tool and users can collect coupons, prize badges, and points for checking in at places. Businesses that sign up for Foursquare for Business can take advantage of user analytics. The data are also included in other sites and maps.


Customer reviews are very important because they provide your company with a chance to learn and develop. If you analyze company reviews by customers, you can see exactly where your business is failing to meet customer requirements and remove obstacles in the customer journey. This will result in an increased customer retention rate and fewer negative reviews. The above is the list of best customer review sites, take time to add your business on this review site to earn more potential leads and exposure. In this blog, you can find the best customer review sites that apply to businesses in almost any industry.

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