Top 10 Software Product Development Companies In India

Top 10 Software Product Development Companies In India

Searching for top software product development companies in India? This article provides the list of top Indian software developers that build customized software. India holds a major share in software product development markets all over the globe. Various businesses all across the world outsource their software projects to India. This list of the top 10 software development companies in India delivers reliable customized software solutions according to business requirements


It is an Indian software Product development company founded by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas in 1996 in Pleasanton, California. Chennai, Tamil Nadu is its global headquarters. It focuses on web-based business tools and a unique and powerful suite of software to run the entire business. Some essential products are Zoho People, Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Sites. Zoho People is an HR solution of the Zoho suite of business apps and tools for small businesses.

Alphonic Network Solutions:

It is a Mobile Apps and Web Development Company established in 2013. Having been in the business for the past six years. It has successfully delivered 200+ projects globally. It offers products and services on Android app development, native iOS app development, website development, etc. With effective communication, consulting, and interactive solution as its basis, this company works to deliver profitability in your business. It is based out of Jaipur, India, with a team of 40+ smart and enthusiastic masterminds.


It is still young but the best Software Development, Web Design & Development, Mobile App Development, and Digital Marketing company in Bangalore, India. It boasts of crafting innovative products and provide various IT software solutions for small to big size business/organization. As a top software development company in Bangalore, it has a team of expert web and software developers delivering their best for your business.

Vofox Solutions:

It was founded in 2008, headquartered at Kochi, and is a CMMI Level 3 company offering -

  • Front-end development in all the popular and latest technologies such as Node JS, Backbone JS or PWA Development, 
  • Mobile app development in Android, iOS, Xamarin, React Native, and Vue Native platforms
  • Software and Web development
  • QA/ Testing
  • IT consulting.

It has three other offices abroad and has become one of the renowned offshore software providers in India because of its capability to handle complicated projects and giving proactive communication during the development phase.


This company is headquartered in Ahmedabad city, India and deals mainly with Web and React-native Mobile app development among others. Indeed, it basks on the fame of client appreciation. Their great communication skills, flexible working style, timely delivery, and technical expertise are highly ethical. It offers services in different industries like education, oil mining, or logistics. Tatvasoft is a CMMI Level 3 company that provides effective IT solutions - App development, Cloud services, or QA/Testing.

Ahex Technologies:

It is headquartered in Hyderabad city, India. It is one of the best big data and software development companies in India that has produced top quality services in Blockchain, Mobile apps, BI & Data Visualization, AI or Enterprise portals for different companies in Health and Fitness, and Finance. The main advantage of partnering with this company is that produces top-quality products in estimated budgets. In short, its products “meet scheduling and budgetary requirements,” through timely delivery and well communication.


It is headquartered at Noida city, India and provides key services and products regarding Customized software, Mobile app, Web, E-commerce development, and Blockchain. It is an award-winning company for top custom software development company in India with various achievements. It is credited for offering over 13,000 successful tech solutions to companies of all kinds. Many businesses have benefited from their IT deliverables by getting high ratings and help increase traffic, sales, and productivity.


It is headquartered in Bangalore city. It offers a diverse range of products, solutions and services in systems, software, consumer care, healthcare, lighting and infrastructure technology. It is commitment to customers satisfaction – the reason behind one of the ten most admired companies in India. With its constant innovation and a people-first attitude, it has achieved the leadership positions in all their businesses in the new millennium.


It is based at Hyderabad city and was founded in 2008. It offers services in innovative digital solutions that include iOS & Android native apps, React Native apps, Back-end or AI development, etc. Their projects are Aeries Technologies (instant loan app of CASHe), IIFL Market (market management platform of India Infoline), and Ruhh (an AI-powered chatbot of Microsoft). They also have expertise in AR or VR, Cloud, Cognitive Computing, Mobility, Blockchain and IoT, which they regard as inevitable future technologies. It is credited for building a light-weight and secure platform on Open Source stack to replace the old ESB solution for a global insurer. This initiative has helped reduce 33% of the time to market and 25% of IT expenditures


It is an Ahmedabad city-based software outsourcing firm in India that handles 60% of projects of Customized software, followed by Mobile app and Embedded system. Microsoft, Intel, and Kentico are its software partner. It provides specialists help around 3000 large, small and medium-sized companies in transforming their business into a digital environment and accelerate relevant activities. Their projects range from Printing, Business to the IT industry, with key clients as XEROX, Cnet, New York Times, ECATT, or Tesco.


Your search for top software product development companies in India, SAAS product development company, software product development services provider companies, or digital product development company ends here. It is known that software product development is a highly organized process with precise procedures.

The software has become an integral part of the everyday routine in the modern world making it hard to imagine without it. The demand for software products will increase in the coming years. It will make a huge impact on software product development companies. If you are looking for the best software development company in India, then the list above will guide you through.

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