Top 10 Software Startup Companies In Bangalore

Top 10 Software Startup Companies In Bangalore


You may wonder, what is startup? Startups are the organizations or companies that are in the first step of their goal. These startups are funded by entrepreneurs whose dream is to achieve a brand name. It is founded by one or more entrepreneurs whose ideal target is to develop an innovative product or service and set a footprint in the competitive business market and their economic conditions are supported by their friends or families. Here we are going to see top10 startups in Bangalore. Most of the startups will be based in Bangalore because it is called the silicon valley of India. It is a hub for several growing startup software companies. There were several software startup companies in Bangalore. Startups are building blocks for greater destinations where you can find very talented and skilled individuals. For example, Flipkart, Zoomcar, Myntra and Practo are the startups in Bangalore and after some years it became a great hit in their industry. As per proverb “small drops make big oceans” a small software startup can achieve a big blast in business.

Most of the startups will be located in Bangalore because of the following reasons: It is a home for several techies with great skills, its climate will be the main reason, India’s big investors are based here, The government supports funding, there is a lot of co-working space culture can be seen here.



It is a startup based in Bangalore. It is a B2B2C talent platform and it combines behavioral science and artificial intelligence intended to power people. Its activities include Talent infusion, Activation, and Development. It helps users to better their learning and hiring decisions. They are the first user-centric platform to link learning to earning.

  • AppiVa Software Pvt Ltd.

It is a new startup software company located in Bangalore, incorporated on 28th September 2016 with a mission to solve issues of enterprises to increase productivity. They built a sales automation and team collaboration platform for SME. They deal with machine learning, chatbot, machine learning, task management, and artificial intelligence.

It is also a startup based in Bangalore. It provides holistic IT solutions to businesses across the world. They offer IT expertise in application development (IOS and Android), logo designs, website design and development, and digital marketing. They laid paths in several sectors such as health care , travel and tourism. They have skilled working professionals to provide better solutions and they have planned to enter the food industry and in IT-enabled educational services.

  • AskSid Technology Solutions Private Limited.

It was incorporated on 15th December 2016 and it was founded by former Mind tree employees which uses an AL platform to cope with the online shopping experience and it uses a canonical data model. It deals with fashion, e-commerce, retail technology, virtual assistant and is involved in the maintenance of websites and other multimedia presentations.

  • Backbench Internet Services Private Limited.

It was launched on 28th January 2019. It provides tools and infrastructure to run internet applications. With a broader team of users, developers, designers and skilled working professionals they can achieve good user experience. It also provides services like cloud automation and orchestration solutions.

  • BigTrade Infosystems Pvt Ltd.

BigTrade Infosystems Private Limited is a Private organization that started on 17 April 2017. It is a B2B trading platform for wholesale businesses where we can buy thousands of items from various importers, brands and manufacturers. It provides end to end business solutions and it gives digital platforms at no cost as a medium to interact with various phases of business.

  • Bombay Play Private Limited.

It is a 3.9 years old startup based out in Bangalore. It is a toy and card company making games. It is an online platform for playing games. India’s card games are created here.

  • Canopi India Private Limited.

Canopi India Private Limited is launched on 14 September 2017. It is an online marketplace for buyers, sellers, and exporters. It is a platform for small businesses where they can identify many investors.

  • Pasfar Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Pasfar Technologies Pvt Ltd is a 3-year-old payment-related company. They are India’s first platform to automate bank transfers. They had big investors like y-combinator. It has connections with PayPal and multiple Indian banks, which offer fast payment services.

  • Innowave EVentures Pvt. Ltd.

It is a private company incorporated on 27 December 2012. They are creating personalization solutions for the fashion industry. Their AL and advanced analytics solution helps fashion retailers, designers, and brands. And they provide personalized solutions like style advisor, outfit builder, customer intelligence and marketing insights.


These are the Top10 Bangalore startup companies that provide you with a good IT expertise solution with the help of their skilled working professionals.

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