Top 15 Tools That Every Mobile Application Designer Must Use

Top 15 Tools That Every Mobile Application Designer Must Use


Mobile development tools are software designed to help in the production of mobile applications, having a specified mobile app is nowadays becoming the mandatory need of business development, as an average of 90 percent of peoples owns mobile phone it now becomes the medium of communication for business, every day to day activities 

In the crucial phase of mobile app development, mobile UI design is an important stage because it can break the application because it considers context, mobility, screen, and its can be categorized into native mobile development tool and cross-platform development tool. The mobile app tools help mobile app designers to develop a specialized app that operates with ease.

Techasoft is the Mobile app development company in Bangalore specialized in mobile app designs. Here we have a group of well versed mobile app designers who design the app using mobile app development tools to make your app user-friendly to gain end to the end-user experience.


  • Adobe Photoshop

It is a professional photography tool used all over the desktops, tablets,iPhones to combine, edit, crop and retouch images which can be used in photos, banners, packages, and websites .it is compatible with all types of windows and macs. It is an image editing tool developed by adobe inc. 

  • Sketch

It is an image editing tool kit where we can paint, erase, draw with pencils to create arts .it has access to 11 tools where we can modify settings .it is designed by bohemian coding .for digital design it is the most comprehensive platform and the designs can be saved in any type of formats

  • InVision

IT is used to create quick and easy mockups with your group. It is a prototyping tool that helps us to navigate through the development tool from initial to ending of the tool and use it to analyze the workflow. With one click we can access the library from invision studio sketch.

  • Avocode

 It is a cloud-based app with a single click we can open, share and edit any images and designs. It is developed by AutoDesk media and entertainment. It can be run on Macs, Linux, and windows to export images, code suggestions.

  • 3ds Max

It is the rendering, modeling and animation software that helps you to create good 3D content in lesser time and it boosts productivity by accelerating manual steps. It creates film-like quality in rendering designs for ender user experience.    

  • Mockups

It is a prototype or full-size model of the design where the overall size impressions are tested regards of original size.these are the graphic design and it helps you to improve the workflow

  • Adobe Illustrator

It is used in photo-realistic structures of computer illustration and digital manipulations. Its infographics analyze you to view the data and information in a digital way. It can be combined with any type of small image in the form of vector graphics.

  • Figma

It is used to gather feedback, prototype, and design and it is the leading interface design tools and cloud-based design tool. It can run on any type of  operating systems with any type of browsers and it uses slacks for digital communications

  • Iconjar

It is a place where we can store all types of icons fonts with a simple click we can drag and place in any type of file without any hassle and help to manage any type of icons. We can access all your is from Davey Heuser and Curtis hard.

  • After Effects

It is a motion graphics and visual effects adobe and it is used for animation, key tracking. Used in the process for television, video games is a motion array used in video editing.

  • Zeplin

It is the critical part where product development meets the design. When the design is needed to translate into code. zeplin helps the process by capturing designs from Figma, sketch, and photoshop and export them into the development phase format.

  • Cloud comp

It is a tool for delivering information outside the firewall of the organization through the internet. It consists of three services such as SaaS, IaaS and Paas. Instead of buying data centers one can use cloud comp to store all types of data.


It is a highly skilled and complex structure prototype that runs exactly as the real-time application without any codes.we can share your prototype in any type of operating systems like Windows and Linux.

  • Font face ninja

It analyzes any type of font on any other website and allows you to use the font in your helps you to save, copy and buy fonts. By simply one click you can get the font size, color and line spacing of other paragraphs of the other website.

  • Placeit 

It is a package where we can make images, business cards, logos, videos and designs in seconds. without any knowledge, anyone can use on any place. It is the one-stop for all your digital needs.


These are the top tools used by Techasoft to produce mobile app designs at a great quantity and quality to earn customer satisfaction. It is a leading mobile app design company that makes to lay footprints on mobile app development.

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