Top 50 IT Companies In Canada

Top 50 IT Companies In Canada


Hiring an IT consulting company may seem unnecessary to a lot of companies at first but when the need arises to scale the resources as the company grows, it turns out to be very chaotic. A top IT services provider company in Canada will have the resources to modify the project right away when you demand. With the numerous IT services companies in Canada, it can be very challenging for you to select the right IT services and solutions company. Techasoft understands your needs and this is the reason why it has curated the list of top IT companies in Canada.


1. Online Business Systems

Founded in the year 1986, this company is a leading Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity consultancy. They help enterprise Clients by designing advanced business processes enabled with secure information systems and technology. 

2. A3Logics

Since the year 2003, this company has gained quite a lot of reputation in delivering quality services. It provides time critical solutions and continuously evolves by its innovative delivery ways. They have a dedicated team of high-quality professionals who constantly work with diverse industrial players in a myriad of sectors like biometrics, education, banking, media monitoring, retail, shipping, logistics and so on.

3. Techasoft

Techasoft is one of top IT companies in Canada that is based in Bangalore. It also provides services in Canada and it is dedicated to offer world-class IT services. Be it website design and development, ECommerce development, Digital Marketing Services, or anything you name, Techasoft has a dedicated team of experts for each of its offerings.

4. Datarockets

Datarockets is a product development company consisting of around 20 in-house developers working remotely from Canada and Eastern Europe. Founded in the year 2014, Datarockets have developed 30 plus high-quality and scalable custom apps and software for startups and medium-sized businesses. 

5. Xact IT Solutions

There are many Managed IT Services Providers that are MSPs that will promise you the “lowest price” to win your business. However, then they nickel-and-dime you while delivering the substandard support, cutting corners, and not doing what exactly you pay them to do. But Xact solutions are accurate at their work and deliver exactly what you expect out of them. 

6. Cyber Infrastructure

Their mission is to Empower and Enhance the lives of Billions of users by their Profound technology solutions. This is why they invite you to Think Big and join this movement as their Clients, Partners Or Employees. 

7. PacketLabs

Packetlabs is an IT consulting company specializing in expert penetration testing. They offer a number of services that includes infrastructure penetration testing, web and mobile application testing, social engineering, source-code reviews and exploit development as well. 

8. E-Visions

E-Visions is a fast growing IT development house, where they design and develop professional Business Solutions. Those solutions are then presented to their customers with the most easy and friendly way to the user.

9. Visartech Inc

Visartech Inc. is a high tech product development firm that helps businesses transform their operations with the help of tech consulting, cloud computing, and full-cycle software development services. 

10. Ipss Inc. 

Ipss inc. is a leading-edge Information Technology security company that is located in Ottawa, Canada. This company offers a wide range of IT security focused consulting services and is a value added reseller of many best of breed IT security software and hardware solutions. 

11. Cyber security Canada

Their protection services secure your data by first assessing vulnerabilities and then validating security controls by a comprehensive audit of your network infrastructure.

12. Matiyas Solutions

This company is a one-stop solution for all the digital transformation and they are a highly promising ERP solution provider for business automation and strategy. 

13. LetsNurture Infotech Private Limited

Nurturance, the word itself depicts growth and that is what it believes in. It has nurtured the daily lives of hundreds and thousands of clients and millions of users worldwide since its inception. 

14. FenceCore IT Solutions

Fencecore is a top provider of IT products and services. They serve over 200 customers worldwide and their solutions are implemented by organizations right from small to large enterprises in the industries such as automotive, construction, retail, finance, government, transport, healthcare and education.

15. DOIT Software Inc

This company is like a technology satellite for sustainable growth which offers Development of Customized Mobile Apps and Software Development. They also provide IT Staff Augmentation and Recruitment of the best professionals in the industry.

16. Vars Corporation

VARS gives a complete cybersecurity solution set and is very highly skilled CISOs to customize the perfect cybersecurity solution for anyone's business. They start with a robust and completely free diagnosis followed by all objective recommendations and guidance. 

17. Informatics Tec

Informatics Tec offers unparalleled application development and IT consultancy services. By offering unmatched technical and managerial personnel, they provide a full range of services and solutions for your company. In this way, you may devote your time and resources on growing your business.

18. TerraForm

Terraform has been developing apps since the year 2009 and it has been working in technology for over twenty years now. Many app developers in Canada are just getting started, but they have been specifically in the app development business for around nine years now and they have a level of expertise you will notice from their first meeting itself. 

19. Quest Global Technologies

Quest Global Technologies is a leading software development agency in Canada. It works on various fronts such as Blockchain, customized ERP, Mobile Apps, Salesforce & Web Development. 

20. Vumetric Cybersecurity

The name “Vumetric” comes from a combination of two words “Vulnerability” and “Metric”. This is the foundation of what they aim to provide, as they help their customers identify and prioritize their vulnerabilities and cyber risks.

21. Eleks

ELEKS may be a Top 100 Global Outsourcing company and that they partner with enterprise clients and SMEs to elevate their value through innovative technologies. Their 1,500 plus experts provide their clients with a full range of software services.

22. GoSecure

GoSecure is globally known as a leader as well as innovator in the Managed Detection and Response service. This company is the only one to integrate an Endpoint and Network threat detection platform.

23. Anadea Inc

Anadea Inc. was founded within the year 2000 and since then has grown into a trustful international custom software development services provider. They work with clients everywhere in the world and help businesses of all sizes to become strong and prosperous through automation, digitalization, and therefore the latest technologies, such as Machine Learning.

24. National Resources Techniques

Since its foundation within the year 1998, National Resources Techniques has become a recognized company in terms of IT support for SMEs. From the start, they have focused on the quality and expertise of their team members.

25. Avaleris

Effective Digital Transformation initiatives rely on identity as well as access management and improved cybersecurity. This ensures that all customer and corporate information is secure and accessible instantly from any particular device.

26. Intersog

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Chicago's iconic Willis Tower, Intersog is a global mobile app development company of 250 plus employees in multiple locations.

27. Layer0

Layer0’s core services include benchmarking your organization’s security posture. It makes actionable recommendations which result in tangible security benefits. These services include penetration testing, network security assessments, auditing as well as incident response.

28. Brainsmiths Labs

They are Microsoft Technologies experts and provide Microsoft based business intelligence and enterprise data management. In addition, they also provide infrastructure optimization, portals and collaboration, business process automation and improvement.

29. ISA Cybersecurity Inc.

ISA is well versed in cybersecurity and in fact, for over 28 years in today's volatile internet computing environment. ISA Cybersecurity has helped Canadian companies of all sizes and scopes. They have assisted companies to better understand their current security risk posture and mitigate risks.

30. Thought Media

Thought Media is proud to be one of the most experienced web design organizations in Canada. They have designed and created a huge number of unique, great looking websites for various organizations throughout Canada and many other cities such as Scarborough, Markham, Mississauga, Durham, etc.

31. IT Partners

IT Partners is an MSP providing services on each and every level of the IT spectrum. Their services include managed cybersecurity, managed cloud, vCIO and much more. Ultimately, they aim to change the way businesses think about their IT services by merely simplifying the process and fully managing their IT needs and requirements. 

32. ABS Information Systems Inc. 

ABS Information Systems is a managed IT services provider which supports several businesses in Canada. They are equipped with a team of technical experts which focuses on generating beneficial results.

33. Darn IT Group

Darn IT Group is a leader in business SMB cybersecurity servicing nationally across Canada. Their team has partnered up with industry approved vendors to offer the best cybersecurity experience regardless of your level of technical knowledge.

34. Roweb Development

They are a top company that has years of experience in various verticals including HR, Recruiting, Financing, Real Estate, Logistic, Safety, Hospitality, etc. They build enterprise apps,  mobile apps, web portals, e-commerce and iOT. 

35. StreamScan

StreamScan was founded to address some of the major problems facing enterprises of all sizes. They help in protecting intellectual property, customer data theft and the major disruption of critical services because of cyber-attacks

36. Secure Links

For over a decade or so, Secure Links has Specialized in Information Security Solutions and their team of highly trained experts have been trained to assess, procure, implement, monitor as well as protect their clients networks from both internal and external threats. 

37. Integrio Systems

It is a custom software development company that provides services such as Customized enterprise development. They provide Saas solutions Solutions for startups AI and Machine Learning, Legacy Systems Modernization , Web and Mobile development and much more. 

38. CyberClan

Established in the year 2006, CyberClans carefully selected team of experts is capable of solving some of the most complex cyber security challenges. In the process, it keeps your data secure and your businesses running as usual.

39. IndiaNIC

Their primary strength is working with Custom Web Development, Ecommerce development, etc. with design led engineering practices. In case you are caving to find out more then reach out to them and you'll know all you want to know. 

40. Resolute Technologies Solutions Inc. 

Resolute is a top IT company that helps firms use technology to their best advantage. They do so by merely assessing their needs and developing efficiencies in the processes and systems.

41. Fusion Computing Limited

Fusion Computing Limited is a top IT and Managed Services provider. It offers a full range of managed IT services since the year 2008. They manage IT services for companies like yours and they also solve the most complex business technology problems. 

42. Softclain Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

They help organizations to makeover their business along with new technology to fast track their way to success. They have a pool of skilled innovative talents for various things like Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and more. They help enlarge your customer base for web and mobile app development.

43. SOC Assurance

The digital world is growing rapidly and information security compliance is getting even harder to achieve every single day. In their experience, they have seen companies, big and small, struggle with ensuring compliance and hence they're here to help people. 

44. Epica Labs

Epica Labs is an end-to-end eCommerce and Digital Marketing agency that is specialized in helping businesses not only to drive sales but also to make the right decisions. They have the experience and knowledge that is necessary in order to develop your business model and map out your digital marketing strategy that would best fit your requirements and goals. 

45. InfoTransec

InfoTransec Inc. is a professional Cybersecurity and Privacy consulting firm that provides comprehensive cybersecurity related services to a wide variety of public and private sector organizations and businesses. 

46. Cyberhunter Cyber Security Consultants

Since the year 2016, CyberHunter has specialized in the delivery of world-class cybersecurity services. It provides penetration testing, security audits, vulnerability management, network monitoring and incident or breach response. 

47. Ordinateurs Unitech Computers

At Unitech, you can fulfill all your needs as they provide you with the latest business solutions, computers, servers, tablets, etc. They do so with a great variety of software, printers, accessories, training, on-site service and much more.

48. Source 44 Consulting

When it comes to data security, it is not a matter of whether a breach will occur. It is a matter of when and that is if it has not happened already. So Surce 44 is dedicated to offering organizations with the expertise and tools they need to protect their most valuable assets.

49. Cycura

Cycura offers research-powered, customized cybersecurity services to organizations and governments of all sizes and types. They are always ready to help you close gaps, reduce risk, and strengthen your security posture.

50. MicroAge

MicroAge offers an end-to-end solution for your IT needs and this includes application as well as server hosting, virus scanning, spam filtering, etc.

This was the list of top IT Companies in Canada and we hope you find your right company soon. In case you need help for any type of software development, feel free to get in touch with and get a free quote today as we are a top software development company in Canada.

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