Top 50 It Companies In Kuwait

Top 50 It Companies In Kuwait

Kuwait as a country is known for its advances, being a wealthy, safe and almost crime-free country. IT as an industry has made many advances in the past few years in Kuwait. IT companies in Kuwait have been known to provide quality services to all their customers with their advanced communication channels, customer-oriented systems and friendly employees. Techasoft is an example of one of these companies which prove to be a top IT service company in Kuwait.

The world Information Technology market is developing at a fast pace year over year. “The world data technological know-how enterprise or the IT sector will develop for 4.0% in 2019” notes an analyst. Increasing software programs, AI and automation, adoption of Data Analytics in end-user industries, along with the widening scope of the IT sector has influenced the overall market which will probably have an increase in the forecast period. Growing acquisitions in the IT enterprise is notably impacting the boom of the IT companies over the last decade.

Acquisitions and investments are witnessing a big increase in the technological industry. Social media networking websites are providing possibilities for the innovation of new technology. Acquisitions in the enterprises have led corporations to increase the scale of their operations, as they require extra information and this amplifies revenue, with the help of data collection. Kuwait’s IT sector is estimated to be one of the most rising aspects of the market in the future, this market requires hardware, software programs and different IT services. By services such as database management, technological know-how is used in libraries, hospitals, banks, shops, prisons, hotels, airports, railway stations, and others.

Private and public demands of IT services will increase IT spending in Kuwait. Cloud computing and digital recording are necessary for market enlargement over the medium term, as they contribute to industrial growth in a huge capacity.

Furthermore, the vast utilization of computer systems and a growing number of users of the web increases the demand for IT services in Kuwait. The Information technology Market identifies that the competition continues to intensify year on year with rising demand and widening product portfolio.

By studying the Information Technology Market, Size, Share, Outlook and Growth Opportunities 2020-2026 we can conduct a complete evaluation of the country’s Information Technology Market. Key tendencies and essential insights into Information Technology Markets along with key drivers, restraints, and increased possibilities help us analyze the scope of the IT sector. Kuwait Hardware, Kuwait Personal Computer, Kuwait IT Software, and Services markets, are analyzed and forecast to 2026 according to studies.

Top 50 IT Companies In Kuwait

1. HONEYWELL: Honeywell International, Inc. is a software program industrial company, which gives enterprises precise options to avail of aerospace and automobile merchandise services. It specializes in turbochargers control, sensing and protection of applied sciences for constructions and homes; strong point chemicals and much more.

2. IBM: The organization assumed its existing identity in 1924 under the management of Thomas Watson, a man of great advertising abilities who grew up to be a general manager in 1914 and had gotten the opportunity to manage the company with some assistance in 1924.

3. BOUTIQAT: It was launched in 2015. Since then it has established successful offices in various developed and developing countries, including Dubai, China, India, Japan, etc. This firm has customers, especially among celebrities.

4. ARABIAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS COMPANY: It is one of the major IT companies in Kuwait. It has been growing all over the world to provide managed services solutions in security, infrastructure, communication and management areas.

5. GULFSAT: This firm provides solutions related to satellite communications. It has also been a leading investment company and a member of the gulf. This is one of the best ones that come to providing satellite solutions.

6. INTERNATIONAL TURNKEY SYSTEMS: It is one of the leading IT solutions and software services providers among developing countries in Asia and Africa. 

7. AL ALAMIAH TECHNOLOGY GROUP: This Company has been providing solutions for system integration, service outsourcing, application development, and manpower, along with a wide range of products and software solutions.

8. AL DAR SYSTEMS: It is an oracle certified company, and hence considered on one of the highest levels. This firm provides solutions such as CRM, ERP, and strategic enterprise management. 

9. TAGSTONE: This particular firm has something different to offer. It provides solutions in radio-frequency identification (RFID) and provides system integration, consulting and many more services. 

10. HASIBAT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS COMPANY: It is one of the oldest IT services providing companies in Kuwait. Apart from providing solutions to various sectors, it is now focusing on vertical integration among those diverse sectors.

11. DARTMEDIA: It concerns itself with internet services and online advertising. It has been a leading design and technology company for a long time now. Since its establishment, it has been offering versatile solutions as an IT company.

12. CRUX INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: It is also a Microsoft certified business; therefore, you can consider this company as one of the best IT service providers in all Kuwait to avail services of Microsoft.

13. BURHAN TECHNOLOGY COMPANY: This firm has taken its business to a global level and has been offering IT services to simplify the work of various companies in the industry by offering versatile IT solutions.

14. CCT SERVICES CAREERS: This has experience in establishing successful relations with the customers of their clients. Hence, they provide solutions for customer relationships.

15. ZAK SOLUTIONS FOR COMPUTER SYSTEMS CAREERS: It is specialized in system integration, managing software crucial projects, and brings effectiveness in the work of its clients.

16. KUWAITI DIGITAL COMPUTER COMPANY CAREERS: As the name suggests, this company provides computer-based solutions to their customers. They have been offering a quality of services in terms of IT solutions.

17. CSRA CAREERS: It is concerned with operating nuclear power plants and also offers IT solutions to various countries. 

18. CYBERSPACE COMPUTER CONSULTANCY CAREERS: Having enough experience in cyberspace consultancy has made this company expert in offering computer-based and IT-enabled solutions to various businesses. 

19. ALANSARI TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS (ATS) CAREERS: This Kuwait based company is specialized in providing IT services all across the country. They are specialized in providing various software and hardware solutions.

20. ORACLE CAREERS: This firm has been offering cloud-based technologies and solutions for application, database management and other IT services. It offers a wide range of software services to simplify technological needs.

21. GHOBASH GROUP CAREERS: It has experience in offering technological solutions to many big businesses. It is a privately-owned company providing its IT solutions mainly across Asia, Africa and Europe.

22. MIDDLE EAST TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY (METCO) CAREERS: It is another company that provides technology-based solutions to other sectors. It is one of the fastest-growing technology companies present in Kuwait.

23. FETCHR CAREERS: It was founded in 2012 and since then it has been providing cloud technology and digital services to its customers. It offers AI and machine learning services to a wide range of businesses. 

24. PRINCE COMPUTERS CAREERS: Established in 1997, its primary objective is to provide IT and various other technological solutions by offering import and export services for the quality of branded technological products.

25. PATH SOLUTIONS CAREERS: This firm provides its software solutions to mainly banks and financial institutions. It aims at improving investment activities with the support of modern software technologies.

26. HEWLETT-PACKARD MIDDLE EAST (HP) CAREERS: It is a technology company that is operating in over 170 countries throughout the world. It helps in tackling technological-based problems by offering IT services.

27. MADEUS IT GROUP CAREERS: It has been making the lives of customers easy by providing them with technology solutions. It is mainly concerned with global tourism and other travel industry, offering them transaction processing power and technology solutions.

28. SABRE HOLDINGS CAREERS: It is one of the best global travel technology industries providing solutions for travel and tourism. It offers technical support by providing software solutions.

29. AL-FARIS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY (AFIT) CAREERS: It was founded in 1988 and is located in Kuwait city. It has been offering IT solutions and moving forward at a great pace to become the leading information technology service provider.

30. CISCO SYSTEMS CAREERS: It is not only operating in Kuwait but also all around the world, as it is a world-leading technology service providing network. They have been offering essential IT solutions to many bog businesses.

31. AL HOMAIZI GROUP CAREERS: They have been helping various commerce-related businesses to enhance their user experience by providing AI technology and machine learning.

32. FAPCO CAREERS: It is specialized in providing customized solutions and also end to end software development. They have made many customers all across the country and provide quality services.

33. 3SC WORLD CAREERS: They have experience of more than 10 years. This company is specialized in offering security-related solutions. It practices IT solutions, ethical hacking and other technical training.

34. ELMENUS CAREERS: It is offering a quality of technology services to their customers and help in optimizing the customer relationships. They come up with innovative ideas to provide the required software products.

35. GENERAL TRADING COMPANY (GTC) CAREERS: Apart from providing technical products, they also offer services related to IT. The supply of technical products is its main service. it was established in 1059 that makes it one of the oldest IT services providing companies.

36. INFOMATICS CONSULTANCY CAREERS: It offers information consultancy to enhance the software development process and provide other IT solutions. Their main activity is concerned with offering consultancy to various businesses and other sectors.

37. UNIWEB IT SOLUTIONS: If you need. It assistance and help in getting internet marketing solutions, this firm will do the best for you. It helps in the global marketing of your services, providing you with ultimate IT solutions for optimizing your business.

38. OPENWARE INFORMATION SYSTEMS COMPANY: It is a software company that offers solutions to businesses in the area of software. They have experience in providing system software related solutions.

39. O2ONE LABS - MOBILE APP DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY FOR STARTUPS: It provides the IT solutions just like other mentioned firms. However, their main focus is on the startups and how to strengthen them.

40. AUTOMATED SYSTEMS COMPANY: If you need a company that provides software-related solutions, it is one of the best options for you. They are specialized in providing solutions to your software enhancement requirements. 

41. ONE GLOBAL: One Global is a software company providing its solutions to various businesses, which need consultation of other information technology support.

42. DESIGN MASTER: This Company helps in designing software for your business. If you need to take help in designing a particular product for your business, this company will assist you in the right way.

43. GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY COMPANY W.L.L: It provides telecommunication services to various small, medium and large enterprises. They have experience in offering telecommunication services.

44. NIZEK: It is also another software company that helps developing software and other IT products for your firm. They have been operating in the market for a long time and exhibit satisfactory experience to work for your business.

45. VICTORY ARCH: Victory Arch is another leading software company within Kuwait city. It helps in providing software-related solutions.

46. SOFTWARE DESIGN COMPANY: This firm helps in web development, mobile apps development, web design, and various other software related products.

47. APPTOLOGY KUWAIT: Apptology Kuwait is another firm operating in Kuwait to provide software solutions to many businesses.

48. OCEAN SOFT CO.: Another software company in our top 50 list of IT companies in Ocean Soft Company that has been providing IT solutions to the firms.

49. NHE IT SOLUTIONS: Taking out the list forward, the next one is the NHE IT Solution. It is also specialized in providing software solutions.

50. UNITED INTERACTIVE: It helps businesses in providing software and marketing solutions. It is a marketing agency providing software development.



It was the complete list of the top 50 IT companies in Kuwait. It will help you get a comprehensive idea of the top IT companies. We hope you find this blog insightful and helpful.

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