Top 51 IT Services Companies In Russia

Top 51 IT Services Companies In Russia

Technology is progressing at a breakneck speed. In our daily lives, we are also adapting to technology. As a result of technological innovation, the digital world is expanding. Any new business key advancement is mobile and software applications. They are ways for them to excel in their business on the internet. As a result, software IT application companies began to operate.

Many Russian entrepreneurs, startup owners, and small business proprietors have begun to run their establishments through mobile applications. In Russia, various mobile app development companies can help you run & grow your business on different eCommerce platforms.

It is becoming challenging to locate reputable IT companies in Russia. It is best to hire the best IT company, one that we can put our trust in. 

A List of Top Software Development Companies in Russia:

1) Techasoft

For any mobile application, Techasoft can create highly empowered versions. Techasoft is one of the expanding IT businesses in the world when it comes to developing applications that are both authentic and trustworthy. Techasoft also creates CRM software programs that help businesses maintain beneficial interactions with their clients using innovative technologies. 

2) Notamedia

Notamedia is one of the most trusted & certified software and mobile application development IT Companies in Russia; In addition to mobile applications, they offer services like website development, UI/UX design, branding, and identity. They develop innovative applications with experienced professionals. Thus, Notamedia is known for providing high-quality digital solutions to businesses. 

3) Andersen

Andersen manages to develop your innovative business idea into an impeccable reality. Andersen is an IT software company founded in 2007. Over the years, they have completed 1000+ projects across Russia and are helping business firms generate their ideas into digital reality. They are providing authentic software development solutions.


QNIUM helps businesses, non-profit organizations, and industries by enabling them with highly stretched software applications & its services include SaaS, IoT, enterprise software, mobile app development, and web applications. They develop highly affable native apps for iOS and Android.

5) Codemate

Codemate is a cutting-edge software development company that creates mobile applications, websites, and cloud services. They work until the last moment, making optimum uses of resources and technology.

6) Live Typing

Live Typing develops highly enabled mobile software app development services for businesses. In addition to mobile app development, it also undermines website development, e-commerce development, AR app development, VR app development, and UI/UX designs.

7) Redmadrobot

Redmadrobot is an advanced software development company in Russia. The company also provides consulting and research services to various sectors. They enabled the unique software tool application with the latest technology and creativity.

8) Mobile Up

Mobile Up helps businesses increase sales, reach a maximum audience and deliver advanced services. Mobile Up is a Google-certified agency that has been developing integrated mobile applications across Russia since 2009. Mobile Up has an expert team that connects technology-based mobile applications with e-commerce platforms.

9) Flypant

Flypant creates customer-driven mobile applications, graphic design, branding, motion graphics, custom software development, and web applications. They develop an integrated application that will be reliable for your company’s brand.

10) Whitescape

Whitescape is a private IT and service industry based in Russia. The company helps entrepreneurs design and create custom digital products. Whitescape also develops web development, e-commerce development, UI/UX design, and more.

11) AppCraft

AppCraft is a computer software development company in Russia. Since 2011, they have been building efficient software for various industries. The company has varied specialties in creating mobile app development, iOS, web design, and UI/UX design. They promise to build native mobile apps for all kinds of platforms, along with backend solutions.

12) SimberSoft

SimberSoft is one of the fastest-growing software companies and delivers exceptional software development services in several cities in Russia. The firm has developed systems in the fields, including management, finance, healthcare, education, construction, retail, telecommunications, oil & gas.

13) Rocketech

Rocketech has been working profoundly to improve and create user-friendly custom software, mobile apps, and web development. Rocketech helps companies reach their target audience. They develop software applications with great authenticity and provide precise assistance through web solutions.

14) NTR Labs

Since 2001, NTR Labs has been delivering software development solutions to clients. They specialize in web development, custom software development, and enterprise app modernization for small and medium-sized firms related to IT, entertainment, energy, healthcare, and transportation, among others.

15) Auriga, Inc.

Auriga, Inc. enables brands by providing the best-optimized software development, maintenance, thereby ensuring the proper working of devices and systems. The company has a specialized staff who are skilled in developing authorized software applications.

16) empowers businesses by catering to them through effective software application development. They create design, branding, cross-platform mobile app development, web development, and custom-based software development.

17) Artezio

Artezio is a custom software development company in Russia. The company provides IT services to several organizations. Artezio helps businesses around the globe by creating outstanding software application development services through digital transformation.

18) Rubius

Rubius is a trusted, certified Russian IT software company. Rubius develops highly enabled CAD, BIM systems, AR/VR applications, AI, and CAM. Rubius mission is to meet the customer complex needs by finding the right dynamic solutions.

19) Sibedge

Sibedge is a global software development agency that focuses on a customer-centric approach. Sibedge has advanced in software development with 15 years of experience. Within a short span, they created 30 plus international projects.

20) Experion Technologies

Experion Technologies builds trusted software applications and IT solutions across Russia. The company focuses on serving the startup segments across various travel, education, entertainment, retail, and other sectors.

21) Mercury Development

Mercury Development provides supportive end-to-end software development services for various business cycles. The company has an expert team that has gained ample experience in app development.

22) JetRockets

JetRockets creates premium-based software applications for several clients with the help of technology and innovation. They develop customized MVP solutions so that their clients can validate their ideas early in the software development process.

23) Netpeak

Netpeak not only builds websites for their clients but also promotes their business. They provide ethical solutions that help the organization generate more traffic in advance. A business-oriented approach lies at the heart of Netpeak. 

24) Maxilect LLC

Maxilect creates powerful and impactful software applications with consistent web solutions. Maxilectare is an expert in designing tailored, reliable, and scalable systems. Maxilect LLC develops core IT solutions that work and are powerful. 

25) Burning Buttons

Burning Buttons excels in providing the software applications that suit your business profile. For startups, Burning Buttons provide organized & well-customized game-changing web applications within a stipulated time.

26) Dunice

Dunice is a midsize company based in Taganrog, Russia, that empowers startups with its integrated software applications. Dunice increases customer satiation and generates leads and connections.

27) Axmor Software

Axmor Software is a one-stop destination for variable mobile applications. They mainly cater to small businesses across various industries. Entrepreneurs hire Axmor Software to automate the operations of their business with integrated system applications.

28) iLink

iLink is an engineering computer software company that provides user-friendly application solutions. They turn business ideas into great solutions. iLink is aimed at all companies with dynamic and personalized applications.

29) Monterail

Monterail builds innovative software applications for industry leaders. They amaze their clients by providing them with what they want, thereby ensuring proper allocation and coordination of software applications.

30) First Line Software

First Line Software develops enterprise software development companies in Russia. The company effectively delivers web development, mobile app development, and many more. The management group works manually to deliver varied customized applications across various sectors.

31) Keeper Solutions

The company is among the trusted outsourced software development companies located in Yekaterinburg, Russia. They provide outstanding services to their clients.

32) Digital Lab

Digital Lab is one of the most effective integrators of software solutions. Since 2010, the company has gained a reputation by collaborating with advertising and creative agencies.

33) Wollow

Since its incorporation in 2010, Wollow has grown to become a trusted company in terms of software application development. With every project by Wollow, you can see the genuineness and creative elements across vivid applications.

34) MediaNation

MediaNation is one of the most trusted companies for software development. They build the particular application keeping in mind that it must meet the requirement of clients.

35) Emphasoft

The company is known for providing efficient product development. Emphasoft vital services include legacy software modernization, web applications, corporate services, mobile applications, and bespoke software development.

36) Arcadia

Arcadia provides turnkey solutions for various application deviations. Since 1993, they have been helping enterprises by delivering them with efficient software solutions.

37) Fora Soft

Fora Soft is among the best custom software development companies in Russia. Fora Soft first classifies your needs, then designs the requirements as per your needs, and finally constructs your software application.

38) Purrweb

Purrweb is among the fastest agencies to have captured the market with its robust web solutions across Russia. They plan the strategy of the client product and then design the software applications.

39) Sibers

Siberia has a long list of top clients. Sibers is a Russia-based organization with offices around the globe that has enjoyed considerable success in many industries providing outsourcing services such as software design software, remote development, refactoring, business automation, etc.

40) Flatstack

Flatstack is a mobile and software development company in Russia. Established in 2005, the company specializes in custom software development, web applications, and mobile app development for startups.

41) Enbisya

It is a software development company based in Tomsk, Russia. Enbisya specialties include artificial intelligence, custom software development, and enterprise app modernization.

42) Enterra

Enterra provides a strengthened web application for small and midsize businesses. In general, they meet the idea of the clients by impressing them with their long-lasting web solutions.

43) True Engineering

True-Engineering supports businesses and industries by offering integrated, scalable web and mobile software.

44) Zebrains

Zebrains is an IT software agency that offers custom software development. They also develop web development, mobile app development, and other services with custom software. 

45) Exceed Team

The Exceed Team is a united expert team that develops custom CRM development services for startups and small business firms.

46) Napoleon IT

Napoleon, IT excels in software design and development companies based in Russia. They are specialized teams of developers who develop agile software applications for businesses.

47) ITRex Group

ITRex Group stimulates businesses to achieve their business targets. They offer software development services to NPOs, transportation, travel, healthcare, etc.

48) Fastdev AB

Fastdev AB is an IT software solution consultancy company that resolves the grievances of businesses to achieve their specified targets. They also provide backend and end-to-end tailored software solutions. IT staff augmentation, web development, and cloud consulting solutions are all areas of expertise.

49) Koing Labs

Koing Labs enables web-based software solutions for midsize and large-scale businesses. They build varied applications based on the best industry experience.

50) Springs

Springs provides A-to-Z innovative web solutions depending on your business. They build advanced, integrated applications that connect technology and business.

51) Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is the leading software development company in Russia. The company provides integrated, customized solutions based on the requirements of the clients. They deliver the best services related to mobile app development, game development, salesforce solutions, IoT, AI & ML, etc. Hyperlink InfoSystem not only builds applications but brands.

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