Warning For WhatsApp Users! WhatsApp Won’t Be Working On Some Android Phones And iPhones

Warning For WhatsApp Users! WhatsApp Won’t Be Working On Some Android Phones And iPhones

WhatsApp will be ending its services for some android and iOS mobile phones from February 2020.

As we might be knowing that WhatsApp has stopped its service for some mobile phones like Nokia and Blackberry in the year 2016. Also in 2017, the biggest messaging platform stopped its service for selected iphones, windows, and android that are running on an older version of the operating system. So it isn’t the first time that WhatsApp is doing this. It has stopped its service for devices that are running on older OS like Nokia Series 40 operating systems, Nokia Symbian S60, BlackBerry 10, Android 2.1 and 2.2, BlackBerry OS, iPhone 3GS and iOS 6 and Windows Phone 7.

Now from starting of a new year, some users will stop receiving WhatsApp support. From the starting of February 2020, WhatsApp will be ending its service for all phones that are running on Windows OS and also some of the android phones and also iPhones that are running on old versions.

The WhatsApp blog officially posted that it will stop supporting on all windows phone OS after December 31 2019. It also mentioned that it will stop working on iPhones that are running in iOS 7 and older versions and also on Android phones that are running on 2.3.7 and older versions after February 1 2020.


They are stopping these services for an older iOS and Android versions as they are not offering the kind of capabilities that the company is requiring for expanding the features of the app in the future. So if you are using any of the phones from the mentioned above then I will suggest you that upgrade to a newer iPhone, Android or Windows Phone before the end date, this was published by WhatsApp the Facebook-owned messaging platform said in the official blog.


No, it will be not stopping instantly but the app will not give any notification further on. Memorizing the day when the WhatsApp started they said “when the WhatsApp started in 2009, the pattern of people using their mobile devices was very much different from the way today. At that time the Apple store was not that old. Almost 70% of smartphones were of Blackberry and Nokia which had the OS provided by them. Today the companies which are having almost people’s account using smartphones that is mobile OS given by Apple, Google and Microsoft which are having 99.5% sales today, at that time they were having just 25% sales.”

Today will have a completely different scene to see, every person has almost 2-3 android or iPhones users that also on the latest operating system. So for delivering a good enhanced experience to the users of whtasapp, they want to focus on such platforms of mobiles that are used by most of the people in today’s world.

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