What are the trending technologies in the IT INDUSTRY?

What are the trending technologies in the IT INDUSTRY?

The IT Industry has been growing ever since and we are amidst the 4th Industrial Revolution. In this age, every company needs to take up the risk of trying out the new trending technologies.  The companies need to follow the latest trends otherwise they won’t be able to cope up with the ever increasing competition in the market. But, the companies should keep in mind that before using these trending technologies, they need to understand what technologies they are going to use and their applications and also not to forget their benefits.

Technologies have influenced the way one does business and we cannot even ignore the change brought around by the technology.

In this article we are going to discuss about the latest technology trends and the trending technologies used in the IT Sector. These are the best IT technologies to be used in the year 2020. So let’s directly get to the content.

1) Artificial Intelligence: Whenever we are talking about the latest tech trends or the most modern and important technology which is in demand is undoubtedly Artificial Intelligence. This is the technology about cognitive capabilities. It causes the machines to copy the human activities without being specifically customized for it. It likewise causes the machines to copy the human feelings. Man-made brainpower can be progressively utilized in smart watches and self driving vehicles.

2) Machine Learning: Before getting into it, let me clear one thing that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are not same. Machine Learning is a piece of Artificial Intelligence which empowers the machines to naturally learn and furthermore to improve the experience without wanting to be modified.

Machine Learning allows the organizations to extract the increasingly exact information which enables them to make better choices. This Machine Learning is going to remain available floors for quite a while that too with extraordinary significance.

3) Block Chain: Let me break a myth, first of all that, blockchain isn't just identified with digital currencies and bitcoins, however blockchains offer a decent security that is valuable from multiple points of view. It tends to be portrayed as the information you add to the chain and not the information you remove from the chain, also in this you can't change the blocks previously added to the chain so the security automatically increases. In addition to this, the blockchains are consent driven with the goal that no company or association can take control.

4) Conversational Interfaces and designs: Conversational Interfaces are the technologies which are used to improve the customer's experience so that the customer can count on the companies and organizations.  As the reports say that by the year 2020 most of the companies (80 %) will have built Chatbots as they fit perfectly when it comes to interacting with the tech savvy customers.   These chatbots learn from human and then start a two way conversation with the customer. Their potential of these chatbots are still being tested and explored.

5) Cloud computing: While the originating public cloud provider assumes responsibility for the operation, governance, updates and evolution of the services, the cloud distributor is involved in the distribution of public cloud services to different locations.  This will surely lead to a new era in cloud computing. It offers real-time and remote data access, improves decision-making ability, boosts operational efficiency, and most importantly, reduces operational costs.  

6) Personalized and Predictive medicines: In the field of medical treatment there are varied approaches, these allow the doctors to prescribe the medicines more precisely and apply treatments for specific patients. These also prove to be effective in all the cases. We can expect this technology to play its game card throughout the year 2020.


Here in this article, I have mentioned all the important and latest technology trends that we can expect to dominate the year 2020. We can also expect more technologies in the year 2020 as it is the year for technological advancement. All the technologies play their own role, the companies just need to find out and understand the purpose of these trending technologies and how they can use it for their benefit, the top IT companies like Techasoft have been using all these technologies and will keep using them.

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