Why Post Project Reviews Are Important?

Why Post Project Reviews Are Important?

As we know, one of the features of the project is that it has a definite start and definite end and sometimes the start and end cannot be clearly defined.  Also this thing can help the participants in which they can make the right decisions and plans so that the next project will run better.


The primary purpose of the project review is to identify the project and before you are planning a post project review will identify the primary goals and what you want to take away.

1) Identify items that were done well: 

For example sometimes the time estimates were very good; developers and quality assurance teams will work well together and so on.

2) Identify items that could improve: 

Sometimes maybe the system documentation was not ready on time and basically these are the items which need some improvement and that can be realistically achieved with some degree of effort.

3) Identify items that are broken: 

They are actually quite serious and may also require a complete rethinking on how they are done and in a possible way there are some processes which may need to be dropped or changed. It will be continuously changing the requirements which require the team to change to a development methodology and there are two people who get on each other’s nerves that may need to be reassigned so that they do not have to work together.

4) Decide action plans:  

This is also the main element in which you will get an agreement or an input on some action plans to improve the items which need improvement and ways to fix the items that are broken. This will make it very easier to implement the long term changes as well as help to build a strong sense of commitment and team spirit in the team.


There are many reasons or purpose in which the post project reviews are important and they are following:

◾ The main reason is to evaluate the effectiveness of the project in which we realise the proposed benefits which are as outlined in the economic appraisal.

◾ The next reason is in which we have to compare the planned costs and benefits with the actual costs and benefits to allow the assessment of the project’s overall value for the money to be made.

◾ The next reason is in which we can identify the particular aspects of the project which will have affected the benefits either positively or negatively and even recommendations for the future projects can also be derived.

◾ By reviewing the project we can also reveal the opportunities for increasing the project’s yield of benefits whether they can be planned or became apparent which is during or after the implementation and you can also recommend the actions which are required to achieve their maximisation.


If we want to conduct the post project review then it will be include the following activities:

1) Conduct a gap analysis:

Firstly you have to review the project and to do that you have to evaluate how closely the project results match the original objectives.

2) Check the goal of project is achieved:

Now you have to determine that the goal of the project is achieved or not so for that you have to check its full functions.

3) Determine the satisfaction of stakeholders:

In this step you have to determine the satisfaction of stakeholders. Here, you need to check that the users have their needs or not and also you have to check whether the project sponsor is satisfied or not.

4) Determine the project’s costs and benefits: 

In this step you need to determine the benefits and costs of the project.  The one who is checking the project you must have to compare the benefits achieved.

5) Identify lessons learned: 

In this step you have to identify the learning of lessons, like in that you need to check that the things which have been written in it are right or wrong and if it is well and what are the needs which we have learned from it.


The post project reviews is the most valuable way for teams in which they can improve their performance and skills and also it is important as many stakeholders as possible in the review until and unless it helps to review all the parts of the project as well as it also provides a mechanism to clear up the misunderstandings and other issues. Make sure that the good planning and post meeting follow up is very crucial to make the reviews a success.

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