Why Website Backup Is Important? | A Guide To Do Complete Website Backup

Why Website Backup Is Important? | A Guide To Do Complete Website Backup


A backup of a website is basically a copy of all of your important data on the website to a safe place. What wall will be included in your backup storage will completely depend on you. It can be said in simple words that the more data in the data backup, the better it will be for you.

Now we know that one question would be popping up in your mind that how often you should backup your website. Well the backup frequency of your website totally depends on the content management system (CMS) of your website. One CMS that you use could be WordPress, where you will need all of the website’s data including content, files, databases, as well as media to get it up again if it is lost unfortunately.

Like backups of computer and mobile phones, the website backups should be done in regular intervals. Resorting a few years old site will not take much time and effort and it is good to perform WordPress database backup on a weekly basis. Whether you go with weekly or daily basis for backing up, be consistent and dedicated to frequently backup and update your website. If you just publish one blog post in a week then the weekly backups will be right for you as it is tough to visualize how exactly it feels to lose all of your website’s data until you have personally known it. Significantly, it is something that is completely avoidable if you take some time to back up your website in regular intervals.



Website Backup is very important irrespective of how grand Or small your website and its contents are. Following mentioned are some of the uncertain conditions and backups that would save your data whenever they happen:

In case of Accidents happen and you lose all your data.

Computers crash and system failures or power failure leading to loss of data.

You miss a payment or bill and the deadline is crossed.

Getting hacked is a harsh truth and we are sure you want to keep your data safe.

Updates can go wrong and meanwhile you can lose your old data.



Don't worry because there are many ways through which you can back up your website. You can either go for a manual backup, use a WordPress Plugin or simply get backup of your website from a hosting provider so let's look at some easy ways:

Backing Up The Website Through cPanel

To do a full cPanel backup, you will have to make a copy of all of your data including email, files, medias, etc. and you will have to let the backup time to perform. An email will be sent by the server to an address that you specify when the backup is ready and then you can download it. The detailed steps for generating, downloading as well as restoring a backup are described below:

1. Generating A Backup

These are the steps that you will have to follow to WordPress backup generation through cPanel method. Firstly, Log in to the cPanel of your WordPress account and click on the Backups icon in the File menu. Then click on 'Generate a Full Website Backup' and go to “Home Directory” from Backup Destination.  For Email Address, select only if you receive a notification via email when the backup is complete. Lastly, Click on Generate Backup and your website back up will be generated. Post that, you can download the backup through cPanel, or even SSH.

2. Downloading Full Backup

Once you have successfully generated the backup of your website, you need to download the backup and here are the steps you will have to follow in order to download your backup. Firstly, Log into cPanel and click on the Backups icon in the File menu. Then click on 'Generate a Full Website Backup' Under Full Backup and then click onbackup file link that you want to download. Next, simply select your PC destination where you want to save your website’s backup and you're done with downloading the backup.

3. Restoring the Backup

Last step is to restore the backup which you can do through the root user for server. Your full backup will then be restored when the back up was for a previously existing account. You can backup your files with the help of WordPress Plugin and there are many WordPress plugins to back up a website. All you need to do is install one of them and follow simple instructions and simply restore the backup. 


Get Website Backup From Hosting Provider

Another way to backup your website is to get it from hosting provider. Many of the hosting providing companies out there in today's time offer automatic backups to websites, weekly and even on a daily basis. You can also get those backup services from third party if you're looking forward to saving your time and efforts.  Clients with critical data or business information are always encouraged to get a third-party backup service as it is important. This type of service offers complete control over the restore and the backup operations which lets the customers modify procedures to meet their requirements. 



Creating website backups is the most significant thing that you should do for the safety and security of your website management. It would help you keep your properties safe and offer you peace of mind as well. Your website’s backing up is an imperative task which shouldn't be ignored. There are many ways through which you can perform your website backup and we have mentioned two of the easiest and safest ones. No matter what methods you select, it will benefit you somehow. We hope this article was useful for you to read so feel free to get in touch with us if you need our help.

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