Why You Should Care About The Domain Authority While Creating Backlinks

Why You Should Care About The Domain Authority While Creating Backlinks

Why You Should Care About the Domain Authority While Creating Backlinks

To enhance a website's visibility in the search results, it is highly crucial to build backlinks. This is a confirmed ranking factor by Google.

A backlink is created when an external website gives a link to your site or its particular webpage. The given link will act as a vote of confidence, giving the search engine an indication that your site is worthy enough to rank higher in SERP.

When it comes to creating quality backlinks, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration. One such factor is determining the domain authority of the other website. Domain Authority (DA) is basically a score (0-100) that helps in understanding the ranking potential of a site.

There are multiple reasons why you should take care of this factor when building backlinks. In this blog, we are going to explore those reasons in detail.

Reasons Why to Determine Domain Authority When Creating Backlinks

Below we have discussed some of the major reasons why domain authority should be considered when building backlinks

1. Ensuring Maximum Credibility & Trustworthiness

Google encourages SEO experts and website owners to only create backlinks from websites that are credible and trustworthy. This way, they can quickly experience a boost in search visibility. On the other hand, attaining links from unauthoritative or spammy sites can greatly damage a site’s online performance and can even lead to penalization.

Now the question that arises here is – how you can verify a site’s credibility and trustworthiness. For this, you will have to consider its domain authority.

For example, if the website has a DA score above 50, then it is most likely to be considered authority in the eyes of search engines. And getting a link from it can be highly beneficial.

2. Indexing Potential

Do you know? Just like blog articles, backlinks also get indexed in search results. So, when you create a backlink on a website that has a high domain authority score, there is a strong chance that it will be most likely to quickly appear in the SERP. Wondering how? Let us explain how.

Search engines like Google often crawl high-DA websites regularly, sometimes even on a daily basis. This means, your added links are more likely to be discovered, and indexed which will ultimately lead to quick improvements in the website visibility.   

3. Link Juice

This is yet another reason why should take care of domain authority when building links. Link juice is basically a slang/term used in SEO to describe how much power a backlink passes to another website.

In easy terms, it is mainly a site authority, and trust that a link transfers to the other one. More Power Means, Higher Rankings.

So, by determining the domain authority of the website, you can get a thorough idea of whether attaining a backlink from it will be beneficial for the site’s search performance or not.

4. Long-term SEO Success

No one wants to rank higher in the SERP for a few days or months…right? Instead, people prefer long-term success or domination in search engine results. Fortunately, taking care of domain authority can also be helpful in this regard, let us explain how.

When you create backlinks on websites that have higher domain authority scores, the links will be considered valuable and quality by Google. This way, they will be most likely to provide your site maximum support in SERP for a prolonged time – a crystal clear indication of long-term SEO success.     

These are some of the major reasons why to carefully consider the DA score of the other website before building a link on it.

Now, we believe most of you out there may be thinking about how to determine or measure the DA score of a website. There is no need to look around as we have got you covered.

How to Quickly & Efficiently Calculate Domain Authority

The only way to determine domain authority is through online DA PA checkers. These are online tools that make use of advanced API and consider multiple factors i.e., the number of linking root domains and links to calculate the DA score of the given site.

In order to provide you with a better idea, we checked the domain authority of our own site through a DA PA checker. The results we got can be seen in the attachment below.

As the screenshot tells, the tool has not only calculated the DA but also provided page authority, spam score, Moz rank, etc. All these are essential SEO metrics that can further help you in efficiently assessing the quality and credibility of the site on which you are planning to create a backlink.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that backlinks greatly contribute to enhancing a website's ranking. However, it is important to note that, only quality backlinks will provide you the required results.

That’s why, when creating them, several factors are taken into consideration such as domain authority. In this blog post, we have explained different reasons why you should consider DA when building links.  

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