WordPress Vs Squarespace: Which Is Better To Build Your Business Website?

WordPress Vs Squarespace: Which Is Better To Build Your Business Website?

More than 18 million Searches take place for the term “WordPress” (Google Trends, 2019). Your search just now had that term too.

Anyways today we are here to solve that tough question every business with a potential who wants to build their business website – i.e. How to build a website? Well the answer is rather simple, make use of a ‘Website Builder’.

What Is A Website Builder?

A website builder is a platform or a tool or a program which enables you to easily build a website, and that too without any requirement of extensive coding. Website Builders make for a great tool, especially for small and medium businesses which quickly want to develop their own website i.e. an online presence. There are various Website Builders available today of which WordPress and Squarespace are the most popular. As a WordPress Development Company, we have had many queries by businesses debating whether to go for WordPress or Squarespace Development. So, here we are today, to clear the air about these two Website Builders.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) platform, established back in 2003. WordPress is an absolutely free tool which provides great features which includes number of templates (called as themes in WordPress), and has a great Plugin architecture providing large number of plugins for website development.

What Is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a Content Management System (CMS) which provides all-in-one platform for website development. It is a great visual Website builder with drag and drop features available which makes building website an easy task.

WordPress vs Squarespace:

While both WordPress and Squarespace are CMS, they are quite different with their features and functionalities and the ease of development that they provide. Both have their own pros and cons. Let’s take a look


It is open source and completely free. However it does not provide you with hosting server and domain name which will cost you.

Thus, you will have to buy and install your own web hosting. WordPress leaves the choices and logistics to you. You can choose hosting servers which provide domain, good security, backup, etc.

Including the cost of host and domain, WordPress is still rather significantly cheaper.

With WP you are left to your on your own devices, so it allows for a great learning curve.

WordPress provides a great number of themes and plugins (around 50,000) – both paid and unpaid – which improves the functionality of your website.

In WordPress, right from the host, to the domain, to the security, to the support, various themes, and plugins; it is all left to you to install, configure and set up according to your choice.

Thus, you can customize all aspect to make your website more detailed and professional. So that it gives you a lot of flexibility.

Also, while WordPress provides for customization, operating in Wordpress is much more complex.

In WP, you work at the back end so that you need to continuously update, and refresh and publish your website and view the final results of your customization by opening the website in another tab.

In short, what you see when you work is not how it looks in real.

With WP, you have more options and room for growth. Also, you have more options with categories and space too.

Lastly, WordPress also gives you more organic reach.

To sum all up, WordPress is more flexible, more customizable, has more options and categories, has a longer learning curve, is comparatively difficult to operate, gives good SEO, and costs less.


Squarespace is a paid CMS platform unlike Wordpress which albeit comes if a free trial for 1st two weeks.

Unlike wordpress, Squarespace has inbuilt domain and host so that you can immediately start creating your webpages, that too without registering credit card details too for the trial. Later you pay for all this functionalities and the convenience.

You can just pick a template from the ones provided (albeit a lot less than WordPress themes), and start with your content.

The greatest appeal of Squarespace is its simplicity. It is very simple and easy to use and set up. You can just Drag and drop and add in elements, tools, etc. After all the cost.

Unlike WordPress, Squarespace is more restrictive and locked down, and does not allow for much customization. Even changing colour or font of the menu, header etc. will require advanced CSS language knowledge to make such small changes.

Squarespace simply provides you with super clean and simple, sleek and visual templates and web design. Squarespace websites are thus fantastic, with less chances of you messing things up even if you have not much Design and User Interface sense.

Unlike WP, Squarespace only has two levels of categoreies, not much organic reach.

Also Squarespace community has a lot of documentation which can help you with any problems, and also with its restrictive nature, there is a lot less that can go wrong as compared to WP.

To wind up, Squarespace is easy to setup, easy to use, has good security and maintenance, comes with inbuilt domain, host, and templates; and it is costly, but is rather all inclusive.

So which one is right for you? Well, the ultimate choice is yours. We just present to you the facts, now you make the decision.

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