Benefits Of School Management Mobile App

Benefits Of School Management Mobile App

Indians have always referred to school as the ‘temple of knowledge’. And while this holds true even today, we are well aware that schools are institutions and much goes into its management beyond giving knowledge. A School has a management, an administration, there are the teaching and non-teaching staff, and then there are students and their parents. For smooth working of the School, it becomes imperative that all of the above mentioned are on the same page. And if you are wondering how can we achieve this? Well let me ask you, what is it which is common in all of these people, be it the higher authority, or staff, or teachers, or parents, or even students? The answer’s simple actually – it’s a mobile phone, or smart phone as this generation prefers to call it. This single device is able to get across everyone.

So, it shouldn’t come as any wonder that School Management Mobile App are on the rise today. School Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software or School Management Software have already been prevalent which help schools to manage the administrative tasks. Now, technology has upped it one more step, by taking it mobile. Note: If you are wondering about School ERP Software and its use, check out our article on ‘What Is School Management Software And How It Is Better Than Excel Spreadsheets?

As a Mobile App Development Company, we specially develop School Management Mobile App based on the requirements of our client schools. Our app is tailor fit to your institutions needs. Mentioned below are some of the benefits that a School Management Mobile App provides –

Learning Made Easy:

Students today are tech savvy and are well versed with using  all the modern gadgets. The School Management Mobile App enables e-learning for students. Not only that, it makes educational resources such as e-books, ppt, videos, etc. readily available to students as well as teachers. If for some reasons students are on a leave, they will thus not miss their important classes, as teachers will make the e-notes available to them. Also, the learning format can also be made interactive so as to make study interesting for students.

Easy To Map The Growth Of Students:

A single students teaches hundreds of students. It becomes rather difficult to keep a track of everyone’s performance. The app has records of performance of each and every student in their exams, tests, etc. Not only that, it has Analytics Dashboard which does analysis of this data, and presents the analysis of the student’s progress to the teachers, and of course, the parents of the students. After all, in today’s cut throat competition, what the parents most want from the school is for their children to make continuous improvement and score higher in the results.

Keeps The Parents Updated:

‘Parent-Teacher Meetings’ have always been a part of Schools, the reason being better communication between the teachers and the parents.  It keeps the parents being updated about their child’s behaviour, attendance, performance, disputes, etc. The School Management Mobile App enables distribution of all this information to the parents via the smart phone itself. Of course physically attending such meetings and having two way conversation is helpful, so the app keeps the parents on the loop and lets them know about the various such meetings, events, celebrations, competitions within the school through messenger or email. Thus, this removes the communication gap between the parents, students, and teachers.

Making Teacher’s Job Easy:

The School Management Mobile App is designed in such a way that it takes much load off the teacher. It enables easy attendance taking of the students, keeps tracks of the students performance, keeps track of the various events of school and notifies students and parents and serves as reminder to teachers. Teachers can access e-learning materials, enabling them to prepare for their lectures on the go. Also, they can assign homework to the students through this app. Thus, this helps parents to be on the same page with the teachers, and students experience seamless education experience. In short, this app will make a teacher’s job easy.

Helps In Maintaining Security:

Schools have hundreds and thousands of students taking admissions with them; hence, they the responsibility of the security of all its students. Other than the security within the school premises, the security of students in the school bus when they are picked up and dropped off is also of importance. The app keeps track of the school bus with GPS so that children’s security is taken care of.  Other than security of the children, the data is also more secured in the app. With restrictions to access, only the person with authority will have access to the sensitive data, and thus security is maintained.

Environment Friendly:

We believe, that Schools are those institutions which have the most consumption of papers. This app enables digitalization and thus reduces excessive use of papers and is thus is environment friendly. We believe these small steps are necessary for the greater good of the nature and the future generations.

That said, there are other miscellaneous works that the app does such as maintaining the records of the staff and students, the attendance of the staff, keeping the administrative people informed, etc. Undoubtedly, getting a School Management Mobile App for your institution is a smart choice. If you are thinking of going mobile with your school management, you can check us out at Techasoft, and get to know how we can work magic for your School.

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