How To Start A Software Company As A Non-Technical Entrepreneur

How To Start A Software Company As A Non-Technical Entrepreneur

The top tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and IBM are giant tech-companies but their CEOs are from non-technical backgrounds. There is nothing with the technical-background because no one is born with technical knowledge. It is just a skill set that you can get from a series of learning and knowledge. Even non-technical founders with the right skill set can be equally successful as technical founders. The first thing we need to realize is that everyone started out as a non-technical person. Through experience, passion, education, and training, people turn to become a technical one. Starting a tech company without a tech background demands hard work and proper strategies.
It is possible to build a software product or do other related things with Software, even if you do not have a technical background. The main thing is, you need to make sure you get everything else right.

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How To Start A Software Company

To run a startup as a non-technical founder, you will need the following elements. 

  • Try To Learn The Basic Concepts

You don’t need a skillset like a professional developer. The required skills are creative ideas, hustle, contagious excitement, and vision for the non-technical co-founder. You just have to understand the technology on which your business operates. You have to be well-versed in the components that go into building a platform.

  • Appoint Chief Technology Officer (CTO) You Trust 

Getting a skilled Chief Technology Officer is the asset of any software start-up run by a non-technical founder. He can easily manage the coding part and can easily educate you about the process. Hire a person who knows how to code and also possess strong business acumen.

  • Hire The Best Team

Having a person you trust taking care of the technical aspects of the business makes hiring the right team members so easy. The best part about it is that you no longer have to hire the first ones that come your way, but you can actually spend some time acquiring the best individuals to work for you. As a newly founded start-up, your best bet would be to consider hiring a remote team. Finding qualified remote workers is not enough, you need to know how to scale a business too, and remote workers will help you get on the right track to success.

  • Target The Right Market

Managing your business skills can fulfill the place left for your tech skills. Ensure you use skills and contacts to leverage experiences and connections for the benefit of your new company. Find and explore opportunities around you. Try to think from a different point of view to unearth new markets for your product. 

  • Possess The Required Skill Set To Make Up For The Lack Of Coding Knowledge 

A great business results from creative ideas, contagious drive, relentless hustle, and great visions. To develop your skills, you need to read tech blogs, books, and write-ups about other top entrepreneurs. 

  • Diligent Network

Make use of every opportunity that knocks on your front door. Share your vision, ideas, and concept with the other industry veterans at networking events. Use every networking site wisely to bring a tailor to your product. 

  • Pay Attention To Your Strengths 

Being the non-tech founder of the tech startup, your main contribution is finding the target customers for your business. You need to streamline the process of communication with customers. 

  • Getting The Legal And Business Foundation Right

After your team is set up, you have to focus on some housekeeping details. You should have to set up your legal and business foundation right. To standardize your startup, you need to select the right legal entity for your business, set up your account system, and creating operating agreements. To turn your ideas and concepts into a viable product that earns a revenue, you need to get the business and legal details right as soon as possible. Using this, you can scale the products without risking anything. You have to get help from experienced business lawyers and accountants at the start of your business. 

  • Focus On Solving Customer’s Pain Points

The next thing you need to focus on is a product or service that is going to offer. You need to create a product in a way that people actually want to buy. You have to think uniquely to build a successful software company. Ensure that the product or service you are developing solves one of the more pain points for your target market.

Use The Right Tools And Vendors

At the beginning of the company, you need to hire a small team. Don't exaggerate your company by hiring too many employees. Hire a technically well team for marketing, testing, and other things.

Waydev can help non-technical entrepreneurs to manage the work of developers works under them. This tool is very easy to use and can easily handle on your tablet or smartphone.

It is a famous freelance marketplace. Here you can find freelancers with professionally skilled peoples to work on short projects for your company. 

It is a freelancer platform similar to Fiverr. In this platform, you can easily find some real talented coders. It is a cost-effective way to do your job. Here you can find developers who fit your project perfectly.

It is one of the most powerful networking platforms on the globe. If you are searching for a way to include more permanent members to your team, then this is the best option. 

  • Test, Analyze, And Iterate

No startup will get everything they want at the initial stage. You have to spend a lot of time testing your product. 


You don’t need a technical degree to succeed as a founder of a software startup company. Starting a software development company is an easy process, you need to put your whole efforts to get good results in return. The success of the start-up lies in fields including fundraising, coding, monetization strategy, marketing research, and selling acumen.

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